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Southeast Asia ASEAN vacation retirement and long term stay

Travel  in Southeast Asia / ASEAN

A tropical journey in Asia 

​​Have summer this winter in SEA​​
Along the equator, several parameters come together with modern travelers and tourists like. 

In our southeast Asia website, we start with Thailand including great pictures. This ASEAN country is one of the best tropical vacation spots on the globe the beautiful large pictures are convincing. Along the equator is the right place to hang around for a while and have some fun either for a short break or maybe for retirement.  

Life is easy going and around is almost endless summer with tropical beaches and a vibrant nightlife in Thailand plus Cambodia and the Philippines. Life is low priced (except Singapore) and the food is excellent in most places the infrastructure is working and a foreigner feels home quick when southeast Asia travel is on the agenda. ​​
In ASEAN countries such as Cambodia, you get a taste of easy living like on the Côte d'Azur some decades ago. The area is not only ideal for vacation but also for long term stay and retirement actually in Malaysia the government is promoting this with a good legal framework which has pulled many foreigners for retirement to places like Penang Island.

If you want an active live with women the best is probably Thailand and Cambodia but Myanmar is also slowly matching. The former Burma is even offering the Myanmar Himalayas with 6000m high mountains including snow and glaciers and an alpine countryside.

Now in the time of low-cost flights, it's easy to move around. The ASEAN countries are even talking to issue one visa valid for all of them which would make traveling even easier. But until now they are (as usual) only talking.
Pattaya panorama a city functions as a whole red light district
Thailand Islands
Travel in Thailand  with the aircraft, car, bus, train, motorbike and other, maybe book a package tour or contact a travel agent and a day after you hit the road, maybe to the beaches of the south or east. Explore the national parks, often with gigantic reservoirs in beautiful national parks with floating houses. The Bridge over the River Kwai is still an attraction for many travelers since it wakes up memories. Go shopping in Bangkok and enjoy the bizarre nightlife and great food there is lots to see and do Thailand is a very easy going place. 

Buddha Statue in Bali
A trip to Cambodia opens the view to Angkor Wat and Thom with Phnom Pen in the center and the beaches on the South China Sea. Although the country is in the ASEAN community most people still need a visa to travel there. But travel is easy just take a flight by Air Asia out of Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur or by Tiger Airways from Changi Airport in Singapore and have fun with vacation travel.  
Malaysia Islam
Although Malaysia is within the ASEAN Community they have a major advantage to other. Because of the British Colonial Time, they teach English already from Kindergarten level which makes it easy to communicate, even in remote jungle areas such as Sarawak and Sabah many people speak the language. 
Singapore Marina Bay
Singapore has the highest living standard in ASEAN together with Brunei but this is also on the expenses of the countries around where most rich people use the island state as a safe haven. Top visits are Orchid Garden plus
Jurong Bird park (great for kids) and Clarke Quay in the evening.
Disco club at Kuta Bali
Indonesia and Bali outnumber any other state in ASEAN by population and is an extremely diverse country because of the countless islands here is Bali nightlife . But from time to time problem erupt because the main population is of Muslim religion and not all minorities can handle them. 
Myanmar (Burma) is the rising star on the tourism horizon in the region and there is a good reason for. A great Buddhist country with everything tourists like, from the 6000 m high Himalaya glaciers to the tropical beaches of the Andaman Sea and the Shan State highlands with a climate like western Europe. 

Holiday in Myanmar are definitely worth it his is a particular diverse ASEA country with about 130 tribes and community variants.
The Philippines and especially Mindanao are a Christian fortress in the part of the world, the problem is they are Catholics and the Vatican tell "no birth control".  Unfortunately, the people take the nonsense the Vatican preach seriously which directly leads into a disaster due to extreme overpopulation. This is why most parts of the country are extremely poor since there are too many people and the catholic clerics are responsible for this.  

No, they don't make the babies by themselves but they tell them to make them as it is visible southeast Asia is very diverse by any means.
The South China Sea is focused on by the Chinese but the red emperor hasn't indulged the message yet that the Emperors Dynasty has gone since a long time and medieval times faded away. The ocean simply doesn’t belong to the communists of today. This part of the world belongs to the Philippines, Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese, Malaysians, Indonesians, Brunei and partly China. 

Street Food & Markets
Andaman Islands
Nightlife in South East Asia / Asean
Amazing places to visit 
Southeast Asian ASEAN History
welcome to ASEAN

ASEAN countries
Southeast Asia (ASEAN) is a cooperation of states on various political and economic levels in the South China Sea Region of the Pacific & Indian Ocean. Population in millions, Indonesia 255 / Cambodia 15 / Philippines 103 / Vietnam 92 / Thailand 70 / Myanmar 53 / Malaysia 31 / Laos 7 / Singapore 6 / Brunei 0.5 /, why? because people love traveling in southeast Asia. 

Southeast Asia & ASEAN Nightlife

Nights in Bangkok or Manila maybe Kuala Lumpur or Yangon are legend.

With exotic young women where the tourists get a real kick and it won't matter if they are male or female and even both in one.

Every combination is possible and local people take it phlegmatic because here around they have seen all that in the open without thinking much about it everyone can get it his or her way. 

  1. southeast Asia nightlife
  2. Nightlife girl in Phuket
  3. Nightlife Bars in Bangkok
  4. Bangkok Nightlife at Thaniya Plaza
  5. Nightlife showgirls
  6. ladyboys at Bangkok nightlife
  7. night entertainment in Phuket
  8. Cambodia nightlife in Phnom Penh
Krabi island beach
scuba and snorkeling at similan islands
Countless beaches are on the islands and the coasts.

They are probably the reasons why many holidaymakers choose the region for their most precious time of the year.  Some of this waterfronts are definitely among the best on this planet.

Here you will find breathtaking pictures of beautiful seafronts and be sure not every beach looks the same, there are many variants the most attractive probably are where light yellow sand blends with huge limestone boulder and gravel waterfronts are rather rare.  Anyway, almost everyone welcomes you.
  1. ochheuteal beach sihanoukville cambodia
  2. beach photo Thailand
  3. Bali Kuta Beach Surfing
  4. beach photo south Thailand Nakhon Si Thamarat
  5. Buddha near the beach
  6. sanur beach bali
  7. Bali Kuta Beach Surfing
  8. beach photo nakhon si thamarat
  9. ride the elephant to the beach
  10. Buried in an ASEAN beach
  11. Morakot Cave Beach Trang Thailand
  12. Kuta Beach in Bali


Fashion Photos
The fashion in southeast Asia is very diverse and vibrant with native elements and new ideas but since a few years China offload cheap goods into the region makes women in Jakarta appear the same as in Bangkok quite different is northern Myanmar style.

The Chinese carry their fake goods by trucks through Laos, Thailand, and Malaysia into the whole region. The mini skirt took over several years ago which is not an easy stuff considering the extremely conservative Muslim and Buddhist societies .

But the fact is this day that pretty women in Manila show no difference to their counterparts in the "Sungei Wang Mall" in Kuala Lumpur and elsewhere.  Some exceptions still just have a look at this Myanmar girl from the Chin State in former Burma .
  1. Myanmar tribal fashion
  2. Myanmar hair styling
  3. Myanmar Tribal Fashion Tattoo
  4. northern Fashion
  5. Myanmar Men's Fashion
  6. making Myanmar fashion
  7. Myanmar Chin Fashion
  8. handmade fashion Myanmar
  9. Myanmar mountain tribe style
  10. northern Myanmar fashion style
  11. Old custom
  12. latest country style
fashion in the north east
A historic pre angkorian map
Historic pre angkorian map

Icy mountains

Myanmar Snow Peaks
When visiting southeast Asia icy mountains with large glaciers and everything needed for a cold natural environment can be seen.

They are located in the north of Myanmar (Burma) in Kachin State at the border to China and India the eastern extension of the Tibetan Himalaya. 

Local and red 
cut all possible trees and sell the coniferous logs they poached here even to Korea.

They partly destruct the nature in north Myanmar with their hit and run business for quick cash legal or illegal they just don't care just bribing their way through. Since their government imposed a logging ban some years ago they moved to other countries such as Myanmar (Burma) and Laos and keep on destructing the nature there.

Unfortunately, there is far too much nature destruction going on in the ASEAN countries. As visible every tourist travel theme is available in southeast Asia.
  1. snow mountains in Myanmar (Burma)
  2. asean snow mountains
  3. north Myanmar
  4. Snow Trekking Myanmar
  5. high mountains in Myanmar (Burma)
  6. mountain trekking
  7. icy peaks in Myanmar (Burma)
  8. Deep valleys in northern Kachin State
  9. different climbing gear
  10. Trek The Himalayas
  11. mountain jungle trek
  12. myanmar mountain trekking
Andaman Sea Beach
Photos of north ASEAN 

About Laos

Currently (2016) Laos has a fast-growing economy, although landlocked the country becomes an important player in the transshipping business between China’s Yunnan province and Laos An evident sign is the 114-kilometre Hongsa-Chiang Man Road to Luang Prabang province this will link Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam to the red giant with the purpose to boost trade.

Already today big things are underway considering the border crossing at Huai Kon in Thailand's Nan province has to trade of around 7 billion baht running through. The road was funded by the Thailand government will help to cut travel time from Huai Kon to Luang Prabang by about half from current five to six hours. For this purpose, Thailand is helping with a low-interest loan for about 400 million baht to finance the road's construction.

The road construction started in the beginning of 2016 and could be completed in 2018, connecting three spots, Nan in Thailand, Luang Prabang in Laos and Dien Bien Phu in Vietnam. Let’s see what happen, why? Once that will work it could be a great journey. The main problem for road travel between ASEAN countries is that the government won't let foreigners travel without a lengthy paper process. Actually, the only two country where that works is between Thailand and Malaysia .  

Thailand also made a road in South West Cambodia, Koh Kong to Phnom Penh, over a similar terrain (donated by the Thai government). The road was mainly broken after 2 years of use. Also, most roads in Thailand today outside a radius of about 150 km of Bangkok are becoming rotten since they are not made to standard procedures which might be due to a lack of technical knowledge or the construction companies do a bad job to save money, this person just don’t care what happen after one year.

The current road is used by an estimated 1,500 cars per day, according to Neda. They expect that the number of visitors to Luang Prabang might increase to 1 million after the road is completed and this will boost the economy, the graphic right side is from Bangkok Post.

Actually even today there is a busy tourist business since many Chinese use this link to make a holiday in north Thailand around Chiang Mai. Often coming in with mobile homes and giving the Thai a real headache. They have a totally different way of living, traffic rules and naturally not able to communicate by language.
  1. road scene in north Thailand
  2. temple complex
  3. in the garden
  4. beautiful river scene
  5. road travel
  6. travel northern Thailand
  7. luang prabang monastery
  8. Thailand mountains
  9. ochids at the hotel in luang prabang
  10. attractive riverside
  11. souvenir shop in vientiane
  12. dinner north of Chiang Rai
A never ending story are the drugs from the "golden triangle"
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Southeast Asia travel videos and photos

Here is southeast Asia visualization by videos and photos to illustrate this better for a good understanding.

Beside of great food and exotic scenery such as attractive rivers, lakes, and amazing people, the idea is to feel good and nobody won't bother you.

On the other side, people are very careless in particular on the road where every year on the weekend such as at Songkran (Local New Year) having around 400 fatalities within one week mainly because of carelessness and drink & drive on large scale in Thailand e.g.
  1. Loei province on the road Thailand
  2. On the road in the south
  3. BTS Station Sathon Bangkok
  4. the never ending traffic story
  5. Buddha is often part of southeast Asia travel photos
  6. Road travel in Surat Thani
  7. ride the elephant to the beach
  8. Bangkok Traffic at Ratchadamri
  9. Bayoke Plaza Bangkok
  10. Thaniya Plaza Bangkok Japanese nightlife quarter
  11. central Bangkok
  12. Chao Phraya River travel
The countries are clustered around the equator which makes the environment somehow similar everywhere but the people for sure different.

Nevertheless, there are a couple of interesting routes e.g. from Chiang Mai to Bangkok. From here to Cambodia either direct to Siem Reap & Angkor Wat and further southeast to Phnom Penh or via Trat (Ko Chang) to Koh Kong and the capital through the Cardamon Mountains and Sri Ambel and much more in South East Asia. ​
sri ambel cambodia