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Anawrahta Road Yangon

The Myanmar shopping center along the street

Yangon can be very stylish
or rotten, often both
The differences are with the buildings,
here are several built during colonial times still under the supervision of the English. 

What the English built although rotten from decay still look somehow not so bad and has some charm, the other are just bad by any means. Those are the ones in the very city center where plenty of people from India live who came in with the British. It doesn't look much like SEA it rather appears like Calcutta.

There are some very pretty buildings left one of it is the old railway station and another one is the old "Ministers Office" above. The two main fixtures are the Bogyoke Market and the main center around there to the City Hall, Mahabandola Park and along Anawratha Road until down to the Yangon River with the harbor.  

Anawrahta Road Flower Market
He managed to unify several heterogeneous countries of over 130 ethnic groups. Actually, this has not even finished until today in 2016. It probably would have been happening decades ago but English and US governments always understood it to prevent it and permanently played their idiotic political games with the Myanmar. 

Burma as it was named by the British struggle even today as a victim of the "British Crown" because the East India Company was owned finally by the "British Crown". After WW2 the Brits and Americans run away after they pulled the Burma into the war.

Only the Japanese tried to help them but they were too weak because of the war.  This is a short introduction into the position of King Anawrahta and why the name.
Anawrahta Road Colonial Style
Anawrahta Mural at Bagan
Yangon Photos
Here is the business center of Burma
The main shopping district is around  here as in almost every metropolis.

Currently, the difference in other big cities is there are no real large malls similar to Singapore, KL or Bangkok but no doubt it will come several smaller attempts are already being made.

When having a look into this it needs to consider that Myanmar has a size of Great Britain and France combined. On top of it to the north and west are the two most populous country on the planet what arouses demand course.
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  5. Anawrahta Road Night Market
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Yangon Car