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Kuala Lumpur Nightlife

Nightlife tips and bar girls in KL

Nightlife Tips Girls
There are two nightlife oriented clubs which are almost impossible in this country.

They are in the center of action in the night just opposite on the road, that is the Beach Club and "Thai Bistro Club". Even hard core clubber will nothing have to complain and when about, they are the whores in Beach Club which are really aggressive, one suggestion, secure all your belongings. Kuala Lumpur has a vibrant nightlife with girls and ladyboys, here are some tips.

Jalan P Ramlee >

Jalan P Ramlee nightlife girls

The Thai Bistro Club >

The Thai Bistro Club Singer

The Beach Club >

the beach club front

BB Park >

BB Park at Bukit Bintang

Asian Heritage Row >

Asian heritage row is a rather nightlife spot

Bukit Bintang >

street music at bukit bintang makes a great mood

Chinatown >

Nightlife in KL to make the stomach happy

More in KL >

Reggae Bar in Chinatown the only good bar there

Petaling Street >

Petaling Street Night Market shopping

The Beach Club in KL
KL ladyboy at jalan p ramlee waiting for a hit

This transvestites and ladyboys are really amazing some are quite pretty but the problem is they are mentally not stable and very emotional, in Thailand many of them who work in the night-shift are criminals doing small scale stuff such as mugging.

Hot stuff at the beach club kl

In tourist centers such as Pattaya some freelancer at the Beach Road pull out some tourist promise them a cheap quickie, they offer something to drink and put tranquilizer into it. The guy gets unconscious and strip him of all valuables and cards, this happen almost every day. Actually I haven't heard this in Malaysia but I wouldn't rule it out since the crooks are everywhere.

The whore house club, want to mingle with some hard core ladies have a look at "Beach Club" there are mainly Filipina and Chinese. But here are a few real nice Chinese working ladies but that is not very interesting this is more as they have in Europe where they hang around at the street and try to angle the guys the rough way.

No match to nice Thai girls, interestingly there are not many business women from across the border in Malaysia at all. The same is with Myanmar girls although there is a large Burmese community in the country which has a long tradition from colonial times, not even in Penang.

Outside Beach Club
Here is Kuala Lumpur with a full blown nightlife with girls and some tips

Here is Kuala Lumpur Jalan P Ramlee with great nightlife girls and promising tips.

Nightlife at Beach Club

At night in KL
Fun at night in KL

The Thai Bistro KL is right opposite "Beach Club" with much less aggressive naughty girls there is a pretty street bar and a club inside with life music entertainment and a dance floor, read more.
Thai Bistro Club
Thai Bistro Club
Naughty girls at Thai Bistro Club
Attractive kuala lumpur nightlife entertainment

In both places is a great party atmosphere with life music and pretty girls, at the bistro they are much less aggressive. If you need money for some reason there are several ATM's about 3 minutes across the road which is Jalan P Ramlee named after a famous Malaysian artist and there is a Monorail station only about 10 minutes walk away.

Nana Plaza in Bangkok Sukhumvit

Kuala Lumpur at night with girls.