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Malaysian Nightlife

Malaysian night with bar girls

Kuala Lumpur Nightlife
Penang Nightlife
Kuala Lumpur and what to do at night
A substantial nightlife in this Asian Country is only in KL and Penang.

Only there is the critical mass of foreigners and forward thinking people who are able to break the mental chains they usually experience because of Islam. Actually, the most open-minded place is Georgetown Penang, thanks to the Chinese population and a part in Kuala Lumpur along Jl. P. Ramlee with the Beach Club and the Thai Bistro Club.

In between are plenty of ladyboys and freelancer forming a real sexy oriental mélange which should be a nightlife destination when in KL at least once to have a look because it is hardly seen elsewhere in any other Muslim Country except at some spots in the main cities in Indonesia and the islands between and Singapore. All other places such as Bali and more are not girls oriented they just offer the usual Australian disco nightlife at places around Kuta in Bali.

Malaysian nightlife show