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Pattaya nightife

Pattaya Nightlife

  Pattaya at Night  fun with Girls  

Pattaya Market
Jomtien Beach 
Beach Road
Pattaya Girls
Walking Street
Pattaya Beaches
Pattaya fun day and night
This is Chonburi province south of Bangkok and west of Cambodia with nightlife beaches and resorts streamlined for the tourists showing an evolution into the 21. Century.

In Pattaya the idea is fun with bar girls who come from all over Thailand to work in the nightclubs  go-go clubs massage parlors or just simply as street girls and freelancer along beach road which is the extension of walking street. Which is becoming a   serious problem in Thailand watch this:  

Every evening thousands of foreigners have a walk along the beach road in Pattaya maybe sit down on the sand and enjoy the panorama and the flashing floating restaurants in the bay all fully encircled with flashy neon it is somehow different to Phuket nightlife and Bangkok nightlife.

Pattaya Nightlife Map

Pattaya nightlife bar girls and nightclubs

are every couple of meter along the busy roads and particular at "walking street" the epicenter of everything have a look at our photos and videos. Probably the best know the beach is Jomtien at the south end, a long and wide stretch of sand with thousands of holidaymaker from all over the world including Thai people on vacation from other parts of the country. The beach is densely populated with umbrellas and dozens of people enjoy the water.

Jet sky criss-cross around, some get a parachute pull by the boat and groups sit down on a rubber sausage and get pulled by a speed boat. There is a wide choice of accommodation to suit every budget, the range is from luxury hotels, bayside hotels, bungalows and villas, budget hotels, resorts and guest houses.

Sexy nightlife is probably the most comprehensive in the country.

This concentration is not available anywhere in Thailand's nightlife and the whole ASEAN countries and communities. Whether at Patpong Bangkok nor at Nana Plaza or even at Patong Phuket. It's the sheer volume and varieties which are overwhelming. Until some years ago it was similar in parts of Manila (Malate) and other parts to Angeles City and Clark Airbase which is to the north. 

After darkness falls over Pattaya it transforms into a modern version of "Sodom and Gomorrah" (with a positive meaning) with thousands of bar girls freelancer and go-go boys there are plenty of open air bars, cabaret shows discos clubs and bar ladies who try to get a slice of the tourist cake to feed their families in northern Thailand. Pattaya's night scene with bar girls is definately vibrant.

There are the Soi with the boys and the other with the women, in between are such places with all out ladyboys such as the obsessions bar pictured right. Everything is in the same setting a go-go dancing stage in the center and plenty of girls, guys, and ladyboys around doing some coyote dancing'.

Russian Girls in Pattaya

This "pretty Russian Girls" are at work on " walking street". Everywhere in the city including Jomtien, their language is heard, in Pattaya Russians already formed an environment just suitable for them on long term stay plus other who come for a short holiday to have some fun and feel good. Many locals took a "crash course" in the language.

Russian night shift worker 

They are targets for guys from India Pakistan and the Middle East coming to the city in search for some blond ladies.

They are not very successful because very high price tags are attached since this are not beautiful Thai ladies this are Russians and they already brought their Moscow pimps with them. Actually currently (2017) about 40% of Pattaya tourists are Russians, their language signs have almost replaced English and about the same volume are Chinese although they are not so much nightlife bound.
  1. Russian Guys in Pattaya
  2. Russian Girl in Pattaya
  3. Pattaya bar girls
  4. At night in Pattaya
  5. Thailand night at Loi Kratong
  6. Russian Girl in Pattaya Walking Street
  7. Pattaya bar and nightclubs
  8. sweethearts of Pattaya
It's really strange and not only here also the other tourist centers such as Phuket experience an upsurge in the landing and other travelers from the former USSR satellites among them are plenty women from this countries from the horizontal business.  Actually 2017 it's the Chinese who flood Thailand 

 "Bisnissmeni" invested quite a lot of money into the hospitality business to make the holiday environ an ideal place for the tourists from the cold. Tourists already overtook all other western look alike people coming for vacation in Thailand. People say the city has no red light district, which it's true because the whole area is one red light district. Sexy girls are the good stuff and the selling medium for the place. At the beginning were two letters: R&R, such as Relaxation & Recreation. The US army discovered the fishing village on Thailand’s eastern seaboard, just about 2 hours drives from Bangkok and the Souvarnabhumi airport. Actually Chonburi and Pattaya is more or less a suburb of Bangkok with myriads of bar girls and that means great nightlife.

It's only around 100km and the city can be reached very conveniently from the airport, from there the bus leaves almost every hour from 7 am to 10 pm at the basement of the airport at gate 8 and terminates at Jomtien Beach.

Bangkok Airport to Pattaya

Bangkok to Pattaya

Direct Bangkok to Pattaya starts at different places with big busses and minibusses, the last are faster but cost around the double, there is no ship or air service. Bangkok Airways offers flights from Phuket to Utapao Airport which is not far to the south.

Along the coastal road all the way down from to Rayong, through Chonburi, are constant buses available almost every half hour there is one, they stop on demand and are quite cheap. Traveling that way between is probably the best option.

Just use the Airport Bus and at Suvarnabhumi take the airport link to downtown. This way you can avoid the traffic mess almost completely since usually when leaving the motorway into the capital there is a gigantic traffic mess since several congested roads merge together at one intersection and everyone with the cars and motorbikes buses and trucks merciless fight against each other which actually is finally creating this mess. The city is more or less an extension of Bangkok at the seaside in between is Bang Saen, another resort.
The excellent 6 lane motorway from the Bangkok leads to the Suvarnabhumi and was extended all the way down to Pattaya and with a lesser street further to Rayong and Trat near the Cambodian border.

Somewhere the motorway shrinks to 4 lanes but is still an excellent road. The old road on the coast, actually the extended Sukhumvit Road from the capital still serves the local traffic. During the Vietnam war, GIs on their front leave for R & R were moved to here, for sexy stuff, beer, and rock n roll. The soldiers had some fun for a couple of days to forget war and death for a short time. After the end of the Vietnam war in 1975, the fact were obvious western guys with Asian beauties, that’s the stuff where the money is.

Instead of the B 52 of the U.S. Air Force, the so-called sex-bombers from Europe arrived. Plenty of lascivious men from Germany, Switzerland, Scandinavia, Australia and the US etc. took over. The city still remained popular and an important foreign exchange earner.

Pattaya Walking Street

Now tourism tries to give the whole attraction a twist into a new direction, the vibrant city with more than 100,000 inhabitant and about six million visitors each year.

Pattaya hould get a facelift and less nightlife being more a place for family and a resort for couples. This is what the local administration is planning but Pattaya without bar girls wont work.

They somehow got some success into this direction with the eastern European visitors and plus the tourists from the former soviet republics in Asia.

Even the bars at Pattaya Walking Street, the center of the red light district with plenty of go-go bars show signs now like "couples welcome" to get more and different clients into the bars. Couples are welcome to check how Sodom and Gomorrah look in the 21. Century.

The intended direction is clear, get the rich people into who slurp their cocktails instead of beer Singh, wear Prada instead T-shirts and change the noodle street food kitchen to gourmet restaurants. This are the usual ideas of daydreamers and it won't work since one of the main reason why tourists travel to Thailand is because it is still a low price and affordable vacation destination, all these new attempts will make everything automatically more expensive, also for the local Thai people, nobody really wants this.

More luxury hotels have been constructed in the last few years, golf courses were created, trendy restaurants opened, but they still have no decent sewage system, as the bad small at some places at the Beach Road indicates. It's normal here, the idea is, do the sewage bring money? Since the answer is no, means nobody cares about, the people want to earn money and the money should go directly into their pocket and that's it. There are some great diving spots out there in the depths of the Gulf of Thailand; mainly around the islands Koh Larne, Samet and Koh Chang, which is further south. At south golfers can choose among 20 golf courses and of course, there are the beaches of the eastern seaboard.

A very busy life. The hospitals get new clientele from the middle east and elsewhere who have their body put into shape at relatively low prices, but these prices are going up constantly until it gets too expensive, it always goes like this.
Hooker at Pattaya Beach Road
Pattaya Klang Beach
Pattaya Klang Beach Road
This is Klang Beach Road the extension of walking street
Pattaya Walking Street
Pattaya walking street
Pattaya walking street after they implemented this here they copied it in every "red light district" in the Thailand. Thai an Chinese are the world champions in copying anything which could bring money.
Pattaya Bar Girls
Russian Girls in Pattaya
The Waterfront day and night
Pattaya girls are famous they have been extended by pretty Russian Girls in Pattaya
In terms of entertainment and fun for sure one of the best location  in Southeast Asia and ASEAN.
The Thai Central group opened their Festival Department Store, similar to Phuket and promoting it as the only shopping mall right on the beach, including a Hilton Hotel with 300 rooms underlines the hope to pop up the image into the wellness, lifestyle and upper-level urbanity. But the cost impact is the same as mentioned before, at Phuket, you hardly see people in this expensive shops of the Central Festival at bypass road, only the restaurants are full.

This is a paradise for the elderly, just like other places in Thailand. More and more seniors from western countries discover the country as the right place to stay for the rest of their days on planet earth. It's a paradise for some, everything is available, the infrastructure usually works, the sun is shining most of the year, the beach is near, restaurant and food costs are still low.

That waterfront area is the second center of the city. Thousands of Europeans and people from other countries discovered the eternal summer of Pattaya and Thailand’s south. If you are wealthy, you live very well here as retired. If you are not so wealthy you still live much better than in Europe and other countries because of the unique blend they have here with the people and the countryside, plus the great women and girls who think much more positive as their EU or US counterparts. 

Here is an endless stretch of sand along the coast. From Pattaya City center it's around 2 km. Only about 20 years ago this was a fishing village where the fishermen went out into the Gulf of Thailand in the night to catch this seafood the foreigners will eat the next day, it came fresh to the Pattaya hotels and restaurants.
Around Jomtien Beach
Jomtien Photos
Actually Jomtien Beach in Pattaya is one of the few waterfronts in Thailand where local people are actively doing some beach life and vacation with some action.

There is jet and water skiing, parachute sailing, banana boat riding, wind surfing, kite boarding, scuba diving and snorkeling trips are available. There are some islands in front, a good ground for an afternoon dive trip. Jomtien has myriads of restaurants of any type and plenty of bars in the night, it is less screaming than the city.

There is bus transport, taxis, and motorbike taxis, the later are the fastest. To the south is Sattahip and later Rayong the center of the biggest industrial zone in Thailand with a deep sea port nearby. City beaches are Klang Beach and Nuea on the northern end and Jomtien They are palm-fringed with light yellow sand and islands on the horizon.
  1. Jomtien Beach
  2. Jomtien Beach (1)
  5. Jomtien Beach (2)
  7. street market

Pattaya Klang Beach Road

is in the city center, accessible behind the south end of Pattaya Walking Street. Interestingly, this, the more or less most central beach is less busy than Jomtien.

A very long stretch of sand and plenty of street girls hang around in the night. On both sides, thousands of peoples promenade in the evening. There are open-air bars and restaurants and the side roads are home to all kind of go-go bars where guys, Pattaya Girls, and ladyboys are dancing. Beach hotels are mushrooming and some have quite interesting modern architecture.

The "hinterland" all the way to Cambodia is the agricultural county with rice planting, sugar cane, tapioca, rubber plantings and fruit orchards. After the "boom years" during the VietnamWar a rapid industrial and commercial expansion along the coast has led millions of people from all over the country and abroad to move in and now, since a couple of years, now it is a city in its own right with a mayor and administration. The area is purely dedicated to tourism but in the north and south of this so called eastern seaboard, the government has transformed the region into industrialization with a deep sea port at Laem Chabang, 20 km to the north and another industrial zone at Map Ta Phut near Rayong in the south.

Pattaya Beaches are long stretched along the Gulf of Thailand. Resorts are constantly added mainly along the south. There is plenty of space, foreigners retirement is also one of the driving factors of the hotel boom but currently (2016) it's a Russian and Chinese frenzy. It's unbelievable, the city and also Phuket is virtually under "Russian occupation", the problem with the local businesses is they don't create much of business means in the shops it's mainly vodka and some food like potatoes and white bread stuff to take back to the hotel or apartment and make their typical cheap food.
They don't spend much money in restaurants, bars, and nightclubs, asking any Thai shop owner they almost cry and ask where have the EU, US, and Australian tourist went.

City Market

Pattaya market is close to the IT center, the entrance is totally hidden and blocked behind this usual mess of stalls covering the walkway. It is divided into different sections, there is a wet market with fish, turtles, crabs, shrimps etc. plus all the other items a local market provides such as clothing, flowers, vegetable, fruits and so on. It is very colorful and everything is quite cheap. The real problem is the people who block the entrance, first it's almost impossible to find and second, it's difficult to walk in because they almost closed the entrance, its total carelessness to others which can be found almost everywhere in the country.

Jomtien Beach is at the south end

Pattaya Markets
City Photos
There are a couple of the typical busy traditional Thai markets arounds but most are set up for the tourists.

Where they collect the "farang" at the hotel and carry them to the " bazaar in the water" with the van or bus, one of the most propular is the floating market. Obviously someone thought about it how to get the tourists spend some money and some connected Thais to earn commissions. 

Actually it's a good place for a day trip and watch some folklore. Local guys and women try a hard sell to the tourists for anything since people want to make money thats all what it is about. A colorful busy place connected by boardwalks over the water and offering the usuall stuff which is available in Thailand everywhere where tourists are around.
What became different in recent years is that the cheap Chinese junk overwhelms the whole region. They bring that in from Cambodia which is just to the east, it is smuggled in from south China through Laos with the truck and after into Thailand. Thai people prefer seven-eleven or a "supercheap" indoor market.  A long time ago life in Thailand was somehow like that. There are places where traditional Thai slow motion dancing is performed (very pretty) and for sure some great shots can be made with the camera.

For the everyday purpose, there is one market right in the city

almost behind "walking street" which is worth to visit. The problem is the entrance is totally blocked with hawkers who try to sell their stuff on the roadside so if someone doesn't know it's here it won't be found and that is the reason why almost no visitors are around. But nobody dares to tell the hawkers to get lost because they bribe the police to loiter around there.

Klang Beach Road 

In the evening Pattas's Klang Beach road is not the playground for bar girls it becomes the domain of ladyboy gangs who rob tourists this is the south extention of "Walking Street".