Visiting southeast Asia and Asean countries for vacation travel places to go nightlife & retirement and beautiful pictures
Travel in southeast Asia Guide / ASEAN
Southeast Asia is an ideal travel holiday and vacation destination offering all what people like for their most precious time of the year regardless of age and gender. Most countries which are clustered along the equator are tuned for the tourists and have the right spots to make everyone happy. What needs you to do? Not much just do as locals do which means such simple things keep in mind that east meets west but with different traditions and rules. Hotels and resorts are plenty beaches and island too and just think positive there is no need to be negative because everything is not the way you are used at home. ​​

Tak on the crossroads

Connecting east west & north south Thailand

Tak City and province connecting north south & east west of Thailand
Since bus travel is a very important low priced business in Thailand Tak has some importance to connect Chiang Mai to Bangkok.

The country with Myanmar (Burma) and to the east which means Sukhothai and Phitsanulok and further up.

However the really interesting spots are found in the vicinity, the landscape around is tropical mountain jungle with small rivers, waterfalls, and caves. The ideal surroundings for The border area to Myanmar (Burma) in Tak Province. Here are beautiful scenes to drive through and very accident prone too because people don't know how to brake with the engine and brakes are often not maintained.
Mae Hong Son