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Bali Nightlife in Kuta

            Kuta Nightlife and The Legian Strip

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Kuta Nightlife
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Bali has not a typical Indonesian Nightlife
Nightlife mainly happens at Denpasar's Kuta Beach Strip at Legian but not as much bar girls oriented as in Thailand.

Open air bars and clubs plus discos start to fill up from about 9 pm. This extends about 6 km from the back of Legian and Seminyak beach but the active area is only about one kilometer check the nightlife map right there are also other ASEAN destinations.

Naturally, there are other places but nothing beats Kuta at night which is also the most famous seafront during the day, the next best is at Sanur which is rather family oriented.

The whole is very similar to Phuket Nightlife but not as visible sexy oriented as at Patong 's Bangla Road or Pattaya’s Walking Street.   Even some freelancer  go-go and lounges with karaoke are around  for “hanky panky” business. The right picture shows Jl. Legian (Jalan stands for Street) in the Malay Language which is similar to Indonesian).
It seems as if everywhere it is already with a "western twist" which already moved in by the Australians who make up the main tourists group on the island. Here are also much younger women from oversea visible compared to Thailand and it has a general less crazy atmosphere then Thai.
Jl Legian at Kuta
Kuta Beach nightlife brings a piece of Phuket Thailand into Indonesia. Sexy things to do or see in and around this part of Denpasar are plenty day and night now we look into the nightlife.
Besides of the fun in Kuta's daytime this part of Denpasar is also the number one in Bali's nightlife. For a family holiday, Bali is also an exceptional destination, how come? Ask the hotel you are in to look after the kid, they can and will do after the night will be a great adventure.

Kuta Nightlife is very diverse not only are countless of restaurants and cafes lining Legian Street there are enough other seafront areas within a short driving distance.

Kuta Nightlife 

Hot temptations are plenty in the vicinity and hotels are abundant.

Cheap and other accommodations close to the sea are available. If somebody likes it more private bungalows and expensive luxury resorts with an attractive waterfront are available too. 

Indonesian Islands are known for their fine beaches and palm trees and there are a few with a substantial nightlife all of them are topped by Bali, the other are in the vicinity of Singapore .

The rather Hindu oriented destination offers everyone to escape into a totally different atmosphere to switch off for a while. A small spot in the Indian Ocean is one of the best places for this purpose.
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Indonesian Bodybuilding

A Bali Club Show

The night scene along Kuta strip in Denpasar is a vibrant one and lively fun and action never cease and party owls have a good time can find just what they're looking for.

Party music blast off girly and go-go were young women dance on the bar counter and some Singapore girls with the same age have fun in the reggae bar at the Legian Strip.

Bali bars in Kuta Legian District

Muscle guys show what they have at night after you see this it becomes clear that some are not tiny at all.

Some are showing in the arena at night what they are proud of it and the girls around who are here for business to make Kuta at night a great one bring the place swinging with some go-go ambience where the stuff with the pretty girls becomes virulent with helpful girls also make a manual "quicky" under the table with a happy ending.

They are quite good to bring a "quicky" to an end. On the right picture are two vacationing girls from Singapore on a weekend break.
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  8. Open air restaurant at Kuta
Here are great tropical cocktails live bands and other entertainment plus some "sports bars" add-on with a wide screen. Other nightspots offer exotic ambient music with light food and maybe a salad bar plus fresh chicken meat from the BBQ. The usual half price cocktails at "happy hours" are available at many places. Actually, Bali nightlife is very similar to Penang nightlife without the straight sexy orientation.