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 Chalong Beach & Bay

Phuket East Coast & Local Boat Pier

At Chalong Bay is the main public marina

The area round Chalong Bay is a lower cost tesidential quarter which will become the terminal of a public transportation running from north to south. They are working on it since a while now but it is not very clear what will be there at the end.

The only thing until now is that the real estate sharks buying land and the prices are rising. Many restaurants and some smaller hotels are around plus plenty of shops. Since about 2015 Chinese tourists are moved around in huge buses coasing traffic chaos every day.

Most boat traffic from the islands in close proximity to Phuket is handled via Chalong pier many speedboats and other smaller boats land directly at the beach.

In 2006 the pier was extended into the bay to make sure there are no problems since the water level is quite shallow. A shuttle bus service from the far end of the jetty to the land end is provided. Along the road from the pier to Chalong Circle and along the beach are a couple of good restaurants and some accommodation plus ship and dive supply shops including travel agents and transport facilities.

About 200m southwards are places like Fisherman Way to rent houses for short or long term and to Patong and Phuket City it’s only an hour with the car. In the Fisherman Way business park on the road towards Phuket City  is a bistro with a large wine stone also wholesale there are fitness gyms. At the circle towards Rawai about 1 km is a French restaurant serving quite heavy southern French food and towards Phuket Town a Swiss bakery cum restaurant with the name Flintstone.

Towards Rawai after the school turn right to have a look for the best orchid nursery in southern Thailand which is run by a Thai - German couple. The  colors of the countless orchids will make you stay for a while. They charge entrance Baht 200,- its worth it.

Around Chalong Jetty

Photos of Chalong Bay
Chalong Phuket Thailand is not a high end travel destination but its easy going and everything is very reasonable priced.

Tesco - Lotus shopping mall is just about 100 m south of Chalong circle and gives additional attraction to Chalong Bay just adjecent is a food wholesale store dedicated to foreigner including blue cheese salami and other imported goodies.

Plenty of sail boats are around catamaran plus local built speedboats and slightly bigger yachts just view the pictures. Buget accommodation can easely be found either along Chalong bay or a little bit behind in the second row. This is a very attractive residential area at the waterfront.

  1. Chalong Bay boats
  2. Chalong Bay boats (1)
  3. Chalong Beach Restaurant
  4. Chalong Bay restaurant

Living at Chalong Bay

Chalong Bay North
Chalong  Bay Fishing
Chalong Pier Speedboats
Homes and houses at Chalong or hus Chalong for the Swedish are at best at the Fisherman Way housing compound they also have some top beach villas here on Phuket Island east coast.

The houses are very reasonable priced and set into a great tropical garden with lush vegetation. The villas and houses have direct access to the beach no road in between and a large swimming pool. 
Phuket Chalong is probably just the right place to stay a while travel in Thailand.

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Chalong Bay Sunrise