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​​Visiting the Erawan Waterfall

A day tour from Bangkok to the Erawan Falls
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The waterfall is within the Erawan National Park
Near to the River Kwai in Kanchanaburi Province is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Thailand.

There are three options to visit this spectacular watery splash, take the car, the bus or the train from Bangkok's Hua Lamphong Termina l. T he ride is between 2 (for the car) and 3 hours for the train/bus and that means if the weather is fine the sun shines and weekend or holiday around the Erawan National Park it's like Bangkok rush hour Friday late afternoon.

Behind the entrance and after a short walk the lower level the waterfall becomes visible. The water with a beautiful emerald shade splash down limestone formations over seven levels, a 1.5 kilometers trail in a tropical jungle is carved into the stone beside the waterfall all the way up to the top.

Usually, visitors just have a look for the lower 3 or 4 levels of the Erawan falls. If you are not in a very good physical condition you have a problem to climb up the trail. There are even steep stairs between the limestone boulders. On the trek up you pass jungle giants and bamboo thickets. On the upper level the water runs over huge rocks where the water carved out some sculptures giving an impression of a three-headed elephant, this is why the waterfall’s name is Erawan the Hindu elephant god.

Most people are on a short day tour ride to the Erawan Fall. Actually, the lush green environment and the dark River Kwai make a good reason to extend the stay maybe in a hotel outside the city on a beautiful riverside location. The offer "Elephant trekking" and kayaking plus other things to do and see.

The border of Thailand and Myanmar are a good combination in this fascinating tropical area. Not only has the province a spectacular nature, waterfalls, outdoor activities, river resorts and hotels a lot to offer. The wilderness of the border area is home to wildlife such as elephants  bears  tigers and plenty of birds.

River Kwai Tours to the Erawan Waterfall

What happen to the "Tiger Temple " nearby?

Spectacular waterfalls in Thailand

Spectacular Thailand Waterfalls are plenty in every corner of the country are cataracts, cascades, and other water avalanches, here are some pictures.

They are known as some of the most attractive in the world and the Erawan waterfall, a three-hour drive west of Bangkok probably tops them.

They are splashing down the limestone rocks, over, rapids or just trickle down into the open air and the wind carries the drops away. Here are ponds and gusting liquid, this is a real optical pleasure everywhere world.

Thailand Waterfalls at Umphang
Thailand Waterfalls at
Conveying great expressions of raw nature, rapids are often also defined as falls which they are not.

Other famous elsewhere are the Niagara Falls, Victoria, Iguaçu among them the highest one which is the Angel Falls, at 979 meters (3212 feet) in Venezuela. What are people doing when they don't have some falls somewhere nearby, they make one in the backyard, garden over the wall or just an indoor?

Those are not biggest but always good for some fresh air. A great idea is to create one in the garden, also indoor falls adorn many commercial buildings around. New York tried to make somehow a piece of art out of it by erecting four giant one for three months in the summer as a public art project.

Here are two in Kanchanaburi, the Sai Yok, and Erawan.

sai yok waterfall
Sai Yok Waterfall
Erawan Waterfall
Erawan Waterfall

only around 3 hours west of Bangkok within a beautiful National Park setting. There is always enough water pouring down the limestone rock and people enjoy

River Kwai at Thong Pha Phum
River Kwai at Thong Pha Phum

the splendid pond. This is on the other side of the River Kwai road. Its not one of the magic ones but real pretty, people like to come to Erawan falls and swim.
Around erawan falls
Around Erawan Falls
cataracts in thailand
Cataracts in Kanchanaburi
Several more National Parks and great rivers are around, among them famous River Kwai with the Bridge over it. In the rainy season it's quite a strong downpour, since the Sai Yok bus-station is just in front it could be a day trip from Kanchanaburi or Bangkok. The road runs further to the famous "Three Pagoda Pass" at the border of Thailand and Myanmar.

The seven-tiered Erawan Waterfall in the national park is covering 550-square-kilometers. The second tier has a bigger pool (there are several), ideal to jump in and cool off the tropical heat. Some bungalows can be rented and camping is available including some markets. Opening Hours : 07.30 am. - 04.00 pm. Admission : Baht 200,- .Contact : Tel. 0 3457 4222, 0 3457 4234

A marvelous cascade fall with a wide pond is the Namtok Pra Charoen

Namtok Pra Charoen Waterfall
Namtok Pra Charoen

Eastern Thailand
some km south of Mae Sot. This is a real spectacular 97-tiered waterfall around 35 kilometers down from the city beside highway 1090 watch out for to sign post.

If you like, it is possible to climb up the cascades but its quite dangerous since the limestone is extremely slippery and if you loose grip you are gone, nothing to hold on.

As you can see in this pictures here, its real great outdoor, jump into the small lake, have a swim and cool down when it's becoming to hot.

Local Market Travel Tips
Local Market Travel Tips
Around this small Eastern National Park are several Karen Refugee Villages and settlements of local Thais. Actually they are also Karen but of Thailand, there is plenty of back and forward because of the border which is very close.

Thai Karen Village
Thai Karen Village
At Mae Sot they get a border pass and can move freely around within city limits on both sides.

In the morning a stream of people come in from the west side some just wade through the water of the river which marks the boundary.

The result is that many goods are brought into Mae Sot and sold at stalls at the main street, notable small jade items which looks quite nice, are cheap and genuine, the ideal souvenir.

But there are other great waterfalls almost nobody ever heard about. Beautiful scenery such as the cascades of the

Thilawsu falls in the mountain jungle of the border region
Biggest waterfall in Thailand
Thilawsu waterfall, the biggest in the country

between Thailand and Myanmar at Umphang, this is huge water pouring down with a magic Outdoor adventure are waiting when trekking to the place and doing some river rafting, the country has incredible attractive tropical environment from the border to Laos in the north to Malaysia in the far southtouch.

Most are with ponds at the lower end, the right place to have a splash or do some swimming to beat the heat.

Pai River Falls
Pai River Falls
This are not among the tallest in the world but very close as you can see at the pictures, but one thing is for sure they are among the most attractive in the world.
Pai river falls just beside the road to Lomsak is a typical block fall over a giant rock formation, the ideal place for swimming and jumping into the basin.
Chatrakan Waterfall near Phitsanulok
Chatrakan near Phitsanulok is a plunge type

with a very wide pond. The right place 
  1. erawan waterfall lower tier
  2. Erawan shrine in Bangkok
  5. Erawan waterfall (1)
  7. erawan waterfall (1)
Spirit shrine at sai yok at the railway station

Weather is very pleasant between November and April its something for nature lover. Its also a great day trip destination from Hua Hin south west of Bangkok, for a boating, trekking, hiking or rafting adventure.

This places are weekend and holiday getaways in great nature, hills to climb and lush tropical greenery plus a 7 tier waterfall one over the other.

The province is west of Bangkok bordering Tak province.

Tak province with the splendid Umphang outdoor destination is to the north, here is a large population of Thai Karen plus thousands of Myanmar who moved in here as a safe haven during the almost civil war in which ended around a decade ago.

Kanchanaburi Living in the hut
Kanchanaburi has a long history which is best expressed, among other, by an ancient Khmer temple from more than a millennium ago. The city came on the “tourist radar” after the film “Bridge over River Kwai” got worldwide attention; the famous bridge is at the west end of the city close to WW2 cemetery, read more.

There are several national parks around.

with plenty of real nature attractions. Floating houses and restaurants are on the river, some locals built larger rafts and placed restaurants onto them. The life on the artificial lakes is attractive by itself, people live in floating houses and some great Buddha Temples are around.

Floating houses on the reservoir
Khao Laem Reservoir Kanchanaburi
Kanchanaburi Jungle Lakes

Further to the west is the three Pagoda Pass the drive there is a pretty one but extremly winding and somehow dangerous since nobody stick to any traffic rules, it's real wilderness out there.

Three Pagoda Pass to Myanmar

Thailand Buddhist Pictures