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Hindu Temples in Bali of Bali

Pura Ulun Danu Beratan water temple complex

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Bali is an island with countless temples
Indonesia is an overwhelmingly Muslim country (the largest dedicated to Islam) but Bali is different from because the majority of the inhabitants follow the Hindu Religion.

This has something to do with history and the Indian traders who settled here as they did in many other ASEAN nations. This homogenous ethnic environment has some positive influence on the stability of the island. Also, Muslims try to undermine that. They have tried in past centuries and they tried it some years ago by bombing the Kuta strip. Islam is not a friendly religion they always try to suppress others and when fanatic Islamist-run wild they use weapons and bomb.

The problem is that many Islamist are not intelligent enough to use their brain to solve conflicts by being tolerant and respect other people we call that unsocial . The sources of this strange behavior are rooted on the Arab Peninsular.

Politically Bali existed as independent Kingdoms for hundred of years

Over a long time period, plenty of Indian people left south Asia and came to this tiny spot in the ocean. With the colonial powers also Islam came and since Muslims always think they only are the chosen ones and won't accept others trouble was looming.

The Muslims who came here wanted to change these traditions which led to local disagreements and violence. The problem is the sole representative claim of the Muslims, now what should the indigenous do?  It was not easy to find a solution.
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However with the advent of ASEAN people came to a more pragmatic solution by blocking the further influence of the Arab people.

Since the millennium changed there was no more conflict. The Kuta bombing seems to have been a rather isolated event. Bali needs peace maybe more than other areas around because of the booming tourism which many people make money with. But the fact is the tourists move quickly to other destinations when a country becomes destabilized and nobody wants that.

The village temples today are mostly Hindu shrines

Some still including animistic influence of spiritual life. Bali's temples are the source for many festivals and anniversaries. The whole is very similar to Myanmar where besides of Buddism there are also the Nats which are spirits living in trees and small houses along the roads and in small spirit shrines in front of almost every house.

Shrines are around to celebrate nearly every aspect of Balinese life among them are stylish cave temples and others honoring the ancestor. They even have temples honoring the monkeys and other spirits. Although Buddhism is practiced there is not much visible aside from Yoga retreats and artistic activities.

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