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Kawthaung in Myanmar​

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The Southernmost city in Myanmar is Kawthaung

Kawthaung is an exotic destination in the Andaman Sea bur access to the area around the city is still difficult since without a visa is restricted to Kawthaung city limits. This is blunt nonsense what are the Myanmar's afraid of? Maybe that someone invests into the rotten infrastructure and build some hotels?

The former "Victoria Point" is a small waterfront town at the south end of Myanmar it has seen better days during colonial times. But maybe good times are coming now.

By the end of 2016, a little improvement was made by allowing foreigners to enter the country and move on but only with a visa issued at an embassy. Which means 2 step forward and 1.5 backward at the same time since the next consulate is in Bangkok what do this Myanmar bureaucrat want?

Thinking is not their strong side, obviously, the problem behind is the Myanmar consulates in the whole world are run by the money they get through visa fees. Means no visa fees they can close down because of a lack of funds.

Here is an incredible potential in anything touristic related until now it is a hidden corner since ever. The natives "Sea Gypsies" or Salones came more than thousand years ago from the South Sea east of today Indonesia, they are Negritos . Interacting with Chinese ship traders who came into the South Sea with their Junks trading pearls and amber. After came the Portuguese and English, the Brits also traded but they gave them opium and alcohol to make them addicted to drugs.

When the colonialists were pushed out by the Japanese the country fell beck into a long sleep, interrupted by a period when mad communists tried their nonsense, but as we know, in vain, that works nowhere.

The real business started by the end of the 17. Century

when the English appeared in larger numbers. Then Mergui, today Myeik was growing rapidly, at that time this was under the Siam Kingdom. It fell to Myanmar during the colonial times, this city was the main capital of the area, this was Victoria Point at the southern end, a rather small harbor ships used on their way to Penang via Phuket.

The British armada in Burma north of Victoria Point

The picture today looks not much different.

Kawthaung Waterfront
Kawthaung Harbor Jetty
Harbor Pagoda and a nice yacht
Kawthaung Monastery Island

ranong to kawthaung
Kawthaung City
Kawthaung City Traffic
waiting for immigration clearance
Fishy business is popular

With great islands and beaches

South Myanmar Island

Myanmar Main
Andaman Islands

Southernmost city in Myanmar is Kawthaung