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Umphang Thailand Tour

Adventure in Umphang

The trip down from Mae Sot to Umphang.

This is a roller coaster ride, up and down steep valleys and ever winding roads, pictured below is a Karen refugee village at about half distance from. A perfect place for trekking and rafting in the hilly tropical jungle. Rafting on the river and visiting one of the biggest waterfall in Asia plus the wildlife sanctuary and more. This is a ideal destination for holidays and to switch off the upper region to free mind and spirit.

Here is the other version of Thailand tourism.

No beaches only wild green nature for all kind of adventure trips, trekking, hiking, river rafting, caving and other outdoor activities, ask the outdoor expert for more.

Located south of Mae Sot in the mountain jungle wilderness of the border area. Probably one of the best outdoor destination in the country but it is very difficult to reach since some self declared "environmentalists" blocked the forestry department in Bangkok to extend the road from Kampheng Phet near Nakhon Sawan. This is what the local people told me, that means an almost 500 km detour which naturally most people try to avoid since the road down to the place is simply dangerous.​ The thing is, more tourists would bring more money into the region and the local people would have a better living, now some misguided "greenees" block their fellow countrymen to have a better living.
Outdoor activities available are diverse such as trekking, rafting, visiting waterfalls and more.  Often people mistake the place up with Doi Inthanon, Pai, Mae Hong Son, Mae Sariang and Khao Sok, but all this has nothing to do with it, that's at totally different locations hundreds of kilometers away elsewhere.

Mae Sot Myawaddy
Mae Hong Son
Namtok Pha Charoen
Namtok Pha Charoen

The Theelorsu & Namtok Pha Charoen Waterfall.

The first beautiful waterfall when coming down from Mae Sot is the Namtok Pha Charoen and the area around was proclaimed a national park on November 8, 1994, covering a total area of approximately 855 square km. 

This is a limestone waterfall originating from the flow of a creek into the lake before cascading down 97 levels. It runs all year round and is most beautiful towards the end of the rainy season (about December).

Beyond the first "water game" come a few Karen refugee villages to the right is "Mae La" from where a lot of them found a new home in the USA. 

The second falls are the Theelorsu cascades (right above), that’s a cluster of several sreams pouring their wet load down, it is very close to the Myanmar border, the small village closely with has around 3,000 inhabitants, mainly Karen, Mon and Thais. Almost all tourists come to this area for rafting, trekking, sightseeing and maybe some elephant rides. Sometimes there is a shortage of cash at the moneychangers / Banks.

An interesting place in the jungle with terraced paddy fields, banana groves, fruit plantations and Karen refugee villages / camps on the way down from Mae Sot.
If you want to know something about the real situation on the refugees take a river rafting tour, you will find that practically all people related to tourism are Myanmar's and tell you what's really going on not the biased UN and NGO stuff, they are all profiting out of this by financing though the EU taxpayer.

Umphang is a districts in Tak province south of Mae Sot / Myawaddy a rough terrain with hills, forests, ever winding roads, caves, big and small river and small wildlife.
Mae La Karen Refugee village before north of Umphang
mae la refugee camp

Myanmar Karen got some education, including speaking English, almost no Thais in that area speak it and usually has only rudimentary education that's the reason why the tour and hotel operator employ the guys from across the border. Coming to this remote area means outdoor adventure, the good news is, it's a peaceful environment. Don’t believe these media reports which constantly telling about fighting at the border, there is nothing they just make money with this. There is no fighting unless some Karen guys attack the Myanmar military which might respond to it, the real almost civil war has faded away already more than 10 years ago. Just enjoy he raw nature, do a hike, maybe some backpacking through the lush Thailand rain forests, but be aware don’t do it on your own, always take a guide with you, he or she are always Karen.

People around are mainly Thai and Myanmar (Burmese) Karen.

Birds and wildlife refugee
There is a great variety of birds and wildlife, camp out with local tribes and see their lifestyles, their culture, their food and costumes. This is a real Thai adventure destination and be amazed by the raw mountain jungle nature the area around. There is a wildlife sanctuary south of the city and around there you will find the reason why adventure travel is so popular. You will experience something real different, with a different twist as what you’re live usually has to offer.

This is a unique and exciting travel destination may not be for everyone since you need a good physical condition, but the outdoor adventure can be managed to a certain extend even for people who are not so fit or handicapped. There are a plenty of helping hands around who are pleased to help you for a little extra fee, since here almost everything is quite cheap, around $ 10,- can go a long way. The average income is around $ 7,- per day, sometimes even less. Also older people can try that out and having a marvelous time.

You too could be the one to head out on this adventure travel trip, there's nothing stopping you. The beaches are only about a day away; a travel adventure trip could easily be combined with great southern beach vacation, but first enjoy this waterfall, the biggest in Asia. Many adventure travel destinations have trails for mountain bikers of varying skills, or maybe do a quad tour, caving or scuba diving. Actually adventure travel in this area is very similar to Myanmar adventure travel.

For adventures it is in an ideal setting right in the border wilderness with plenty of still virgin jungle areas, scenic rivers and the biggest waterfall in Asia plus iver rafting, jungle trekking and everything around which is called outdoors, except beaches. Hidden in this remote area is a Thai gem in the wilderness unfortunately some environment fanatics in Bangkok did everything to block the forestry department to build a shortcut, now a detour of over 500km is needed and the local people suffer because only very few traveler come because of this.