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Visiting Mount Apo

Mount Apo tour in Mindanao Philippines 

A day tour to Mount Apo

Exploring the countryside around Davao. 

Take a dirt bike, a truck or an SUV since the road is real lousy. There are many beautiful spots but going there is almost impossible because who wants to break the car or have an accident with the bike. Here is an attractive tropical countryside but it appears as if all primary forest has been cut down and today what is left is secondary tropical vegetation everywhere around Mount Apo

The Government of a long time ago classified Mount Apo as a "still could be" volcano. But not of the kind of the real one ones such as on Bali. Situated between Davao City and South Cotabato province on Mindanao Island it  is the tallest mountain in the Philippines with almost three thousand meters which makes it the most attractive climbing spot on the Philippines. Because of this, it was declared a National Park in1936 and later became a protected area more is on the website of the  Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

The panorama around shows four
 lakes: Lake Agco , Venado, Macadac, and Jordan plus 20 rivers; and 20 creeks.

The ride to the extinct volcano is an interesting day trip when visiting Davao. When leaving the city the road is not as bad only after the turn towards the volcano it becomes a dirt road. Some Philippines people are very "green" minded, who needs a car when there is such excellent horse ride available?

Also, no petrol needs to be imported for the horses, round up the whole "German Greenies" and send them here they will be locked in paradise. But here the taxpayer won’t finance their escapades and they would to need to do real work instead of the usual blah-blah. Visiting the jungle hills is a great day trip to the west of Davao.

A motorbike ride to Mount Apo is a rough one over unpaved tracks and through the  jungle with breathtaking Mindanao panoramas over the mountainside, flatland and at the coast. It definitely means the island in the very south of the Philippines could be an attractive tourist destination once they solve their crime and ideological problems.
People around Mt Apo