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Myanmar Jade Jadeite & rough

Myanmar Genuine Jadeite Jade Stone

Burmese Jade & Jadeite
Myanmar jade is a beautiful rough green stone.
A Myanmar jade stone becomes a beautiful piece of jewelry or decorative art in the hand of a skillful creator. Probably the most genuine Myanmar Jade Market is in Mandalay because this is the first place the green stone is delivered beside of the bulk which is shipped and smuggled over the border into China via Muse. Most popular jadeite colors are green jade white and lavender.

  • Jade market in Muse which is a small Chinese border town in northeast Myanmar where day and night the most rotten trucks carry jadeite rocks to the manufacturing centers in the north. The biggest markets in southern China for jade are Yunnan and Guangzhou where the jadeite boulders are shipped to. Transportation is usually from the Hpakan and Khamti jade mines to Myitkyina and after to China. Just imagine here is Myanmar (Burma) and over the border is a market with over around 2 billion people who consider jade as the stone of heaven and are eager to buy some products made from. Once the stones are over the border nobody talk about Myanmar anymore all becomes Yunnan jade. Myanmar's jade industrie is one of the main 'cash cow" for foreign currency.


  • Jade prices start to have a steep climb from here. But it needs to keep a few things with the stones in mind. All material which comes from Myanmar is jadeite and all other is nephrite which actually known as "Chinese Jade" and that mineral is imported mainly from Canada (BC) and Australia to China which is the largest market. Nephrite is the low price and jadeite is the high end.

  • This leads to the question where is jade mined which is answered further below because there is various stone material on the globe which is sold under the name of jade and has different properties and colors. Actually, the original jade mines "old China" usually refers to have been in Turkestan but are exhausted now. They also have a beautiful green stone from Afghanistan and Malaysia and even in Switzerland, they had a "Jadeland" long time ago. Since all this is quite an opaque situation people can make a lot of money since all run under the name jade in the shop and unless someone is not a specialist they just don't know, more is further below.

  • On top of it taking Burmese jadeite jade for sale, Chinese people are constantly finding new ways to manipulate jade stones .and jewelry for sale by bleaching  "bathing" and heating them. With the right tricks, it is possible to make a jade bangle which is maybe bought in the Bogyoke Jade Market in Yangon Myanmar for about $ 10,-  a high-end jewelry which can be sold over $ 500,-.  Here is more about jade bangles and other jewelry.

  • Variants of jade available mean colors shapes sizes and carvings which are often a Buddha Statue or a mythical dragon and other image relief. Want to see a real dragon fight?. The items shown here are all made from jadeite no nephrite and they clearly indicated the variety of colors available. This is also stylish fashion decorations since they fit any col or trend. When the style and color nicely fit the material it is placed into everything comes together fine and looks quite elegant​ especially when the jade jewelry is made from a excellent rough jade stone.
A interesting place of information for rough jade for sale from a Chinese perspective since they are genericfrom there and have a good knowledge from their perspective. 

About Jadeite Jade Jewelry

For Jade jewelry the green stone is usually used with white gold or silver often decorated with some diamonds, more information is here.

This piece of jewelry is not only preferred by ladies there are also plenty Chinese men who wear them.

The green stones are ideal for carvings and also heavy used for top quality Jade Buddha statues and other gorgeous sculptures. Of course, other jewelry can be found in the Bogyoke Market such as necklaces and other made from jade stone found in Myanmar.

Those are quality items, rather rare and quite expensive, prices are continuously rising because more Chinese people can afford to buy it. This is almost total driven by buyers from the "Red Communist Kingdom" but the best bazaar is not there, it's in Yangon Myanmar which is the Bogyoke Aung San Market.

Not even the well known " Guangzhou jadeite Jade market" can match this read more .
  1. jadeite jewelry necklace
  2. jadeite jewelry necklace green
  3. jadeite jewelry necklace long
  4. jadeite jewelry necklace various colors
  5. imperial jade jewelry necklace with beads
  6. jadeite jewelry necklace with green balls
  7. Ethnic style jadeite necklace
  8. jadeite necklace with mother of pearl pendant
Today the high-end quality fashion designers use Myanmar Jadeite because this material has the
best colors, textures and the overall appearance is just better than the other.

The Jade trade production and mining in Myanmar.

Attractive jade silver jewelry

Browsing for jade jewelry these days leads sooner or later to silver which is very decorative.

Together with the green color it rather radiates a cool appearance. The white metal is not only pretty but very useful for certain applications. A major drawback for the metal is that it gets tarnished on contact with air and need frequent cleaning. In the photo industry and other applications, it was and still is used heavy. 

Silver jewelry is also used by many tribes all over the world typical is turquoise and as we have it here jade and jadeite. Native Americans used it often with turquoise to create pretty silver pendants great looking earrings and anklets. Some time ago I bought a small sailing ship in Yangon's Bogyoke market it was created from pure silver but difficult to keep it clean as indicated above.

Rings made of Silver are considered to be a refined ornament worn by people who have good taste. Unlike Gold, it shows that the wearer has an individual taste for pretty things and not just for the value of the metal.

Where to buy the best Myanmar jade?
Jade Jewelry Photos
At the sales fair in the biannual Emporium at Naypyidaw.

For the rest of the years check the Bogyoke Market in Yangon or travel to Mandalay. There have a look around the Mahamuni Pagoda there are an almost open air market and workshops. This is probably the best option for buying green imperial jadeite jade and other since all shops which produce jewelry, sculptures, and other items are there.

Take a tour guide with you otherwise, you won’t find the places. Just tell them you want to see workshops and wholesale. There are also several interesting jadeite jade wholesale and retail markets in Mandalay City .  
  1. Beautiful Myanmar Jade Sculpture
  2. White Myanmar Jade Buddha
  3. Yellow jadeite bangle
  4. Myanmar Jadeite Jade Pendants green black
  5. Myanmar Jade Buddha Pendant
  6. green Buddha Pendants
  7. jadeite bracelets
  8. Beautiful Jadeite Jade Buddha Sculptures
Be sure you remember the place but if someone is with you don't talk about business because they will command commission from the seller and finally you will pay that although it is not visible for you. In general, never take anyone with you when you want to buy something because all of them want your money naturally the seller but there is no reason to feed the tour guide or taxi driver.

This is the same in Thailand where you get cheated on this stuff at every step you make. So go there alone the next day again and handle the business, don't take anyone with you also make sure that the taxi driver stops elsewhere before and he doesn't know where you go otherwise he will follow you telling he brought you there and want a commission. Raw jadeite stones , boulder, rocks and is the basic material where all this is made from but finally, the creative artist brings it to "life".

Mining for jadeite jade is done in the Hpakant / Mogaung area and at Khamti in Sagaing division in north Myanmar; this is north of another famous gem area called near the Irrawaddy River. Mining is under control of Chinese and Shan people plus the military, local processing is done in Mandalay.

Some miners search for dikes other for places where pebbles have been washed away by river torrents and settled in the river bed, this is known as "river jade".
Is it genuine Myanmar Jadeite or fake? 
Jadeite Photos
This question needs careful consideration because there are far too many manipulated, painted, bleached and whatever stones on the market.

Don't underestimate this Chinese continuously find ways to treat the stones to look better by manipulation and after a few years the gem will deteriorate and be junk only.

Why are they doing it? Because prices highly depend on the appearance especially the translucency, so many people treat the jewelry with bleaching liquid to make it more transparency this could push up the price 2 or 3 fold.

Think bout genuine & natural jade not fake jade leads to a one simple parameter, if you buy for over $ 500,- have it checked by a lab of your choice don't accept a certificate the seller presents you because often this is "in house" papers or they just work together to cheat the buyer.

  1. testing for fake jade
  2. cheap Myanmar jade in Mae Sot
  3. no fake jadeite silver earrings
  4. cheap jade necklaces
  5. cheap jade silver necklaces
  6. selling cheap Myanmar jade in Mae Sot
  7. genuine jadeite bracelets
  8. Beautiful Jadeite Jade ball chain necklace

Analyze & test the jadestone with UV flashlights

Recent developments which resulted in claiming to better by checking the light wavelength.

Actually, it is a bit similar to the current method with a normal light as pictured above but the UV light is more accurate to judge the green stone. With Myanmar Jadeite Jade almost all colors from black to white are available. Although the genuine imperial green jewelry is fetching the highest prices. Other popular colors are lavender,  white, purple and black.

Manufacturers in China try to manipulate the gemstones by bleaching them with acid and filling cracks with raisin by applying high pressure and "doctor" the colors via heat treatment. The problem is that there are no common agreed parameters which can be used as parameters such as the 4Cs with ruby and diamond. 
myanmar jadeite

Where is jade mined?

Jade Photos
Mining of Jadeite jade is in Myanmar's Kachin State at Hpakant. Smaller jadeite depositis are in Khamti in the Saigaing Region.  

See the mining location at the map above right. To answer the question where jade is mined is not so easy since there are several different jades. There is the normal jade which actually is nephrite also known as "Chinese Jade" which in the past came mainly from Turkestan. In recent days the largest volume supplier is Canada with BC and Australia they are the main exporter of nephrite to China.

In Myanmar the top-quality jade is Jadeite which is mined in Kachin state as shown here. A minor quantity of blue jadeite come from Guatemala and around. Already the old Olmecs had known where this was mined and they used this version of jadeite for religious items and jewelry.

The problem with Myanmar Jade mining 

To bring the jade from Myanmar to the Chinese market behind the border. There are several steps but this first is to overcome the Kachin Independence Army which is also operating in the jadeite mining district that makes mining not so easy see the map above right. First are the local markets where the smaller raw rocks are sold.

The next is the Mandalay Jade Market the biggest after the one in Yangon which again is sliced into several locations in the former capital.

Among those outlets is the Bogyoke Market in Yangon  

The reason is there is still some fighting between the military and the Kachin Independence Army (KIA). They are fighting for decades instead of sitting together make peace and give everyone the possibility to benefit from the precious underground. But part of the problem is drug production which is going on a bit to the east and all this is controlled by Chinese "warlords" who want to be left alone.
  1. Myanmar Hpakant jade mine district
  2. jadeite mine
  3. Cleaning the jade boulder
  4. In the jade mine
  5. In the jadeite mine
  6. open pit jade mining in Myanmar
  7. Myanmar Jade Miner
  8. raw jadeite
A continuous back and forward between the different ethnic groups had the  border shifting; actually, all of them are Chinese anyway in this case from Yunnan. There are several other centers for jadeite manufacturing and trading all over the country one is in Guangzhou. When the rough stone is over the border Myanmar's green jade stones becomes automatically Chinese.

The precious stones are used for quality jewelry and sculptures today is jadeite jade from Myanmar (Burma), this are rough rocks, slabs, and boulders with all colors and most are exported to China either legally of by smuggling since both countries have a common border and it is easy to move back and forwards.  

Jade manufacturers in China buy the raw material and process it into jewelry and other pretty stones. That's the same as with nephrite from Canada and other mining areas.

Every day and night throughout the year trucks with heavy loads pass the border in Myanmar's north-east to carry the precious material to the cutting centers Yunnan and further upcountry such as Guangzhou and elsewhere. The only substantial manufacturing in Burma is in Mandalay.

The manufacturing is going on everywhere in the country only the supply routes have changed before nephrite jade came from Turkestan not it comes from Canada and Australia and jadeite from the southern border of Myanmar.

In the 19th Century, they brought craftsmen from China to Mandalay. They made quality products made there which probably is a good idea but they wanted to do manufacturing more where the market is.

This picked up again by the turn of this century when they allowed about a million Chinese to settle in the Mandalay area which brought tensions since they the guys from the north had much more money than the local and today (2016) most inner city belongs to them which is strange anyway because according to the law foreigners can't buy land.

In upper Myanmar's Kachin State Jade Mountains are blasted apart.

By using dynamite plus huge loaders and other heavy equipment to extract boulders and rocks. Because jadeite is a precious material which only can be found here (on a global scale) this creates tension with the local Kachin population since naturally, they want their shares of the wealth which are uncovered here and disappear with Chinese people who buy the protection from the military. There are still continuous fights between the Kachin Liberation Army and the regular Myanmar Military.

This has another dimension too, not only raw jade because also opium poppies are grown a bit further east and the Chinese bosses don't want to be disturbed so they keep their own army. Time will uncover how that fits together with current democratization process.

Where is raw jade stone found? 

Photos of rough jadeite

  1. Raw Myanmar Jade Stone
  2. Raw Burmese Jadeite
  3. colors of jadeite
  4. Raw Myanmar Jadeite
  5. Raw green jade
  6. rough jade stone
  7. Raw green jade stone
  8. Myanmar jade colors
Raw jadeite jade is mined in the Hpakant region in Myanmar. This is in Kachin state north of Mandalay and Myitkyina.

Myanmar Jade Jewelry created from jadeite

Jade Jewelry Photos
But often it is difficult to tell the difference between real and fake.

Although the blue version can be found in Guatemala the main quantities come from Myanmar.

Beside of being a very tough gem, only next to a diamond it has no much meaning for the buyer since he / she can’t test it anyway. A diamond has a ranking of 10 on the Mohs hardness scale, jadeite is softer with 7. It is considered a strong mineral because it is chip resistant. Nephrite is softer Mohs at 6.5, means high polishing is not advisable because it is prone to chip.
About the stone transparency.

  1. jadeite and diamond jewelry
  2. green jade necklace
  3. jadeite silver rings
  4. Jade dragon pendant
  5. colorful jadeite bracelets
  6. jadeite jewelry
  7. Jadeite bangles with silver
  8. jade jewelry bracelets
People pay a lot of money for a high reflective and transparent stone. When buying jade gemstones another very important parameter is to be that the hue is similar all over without impurities, the cleaner the better because it is quite difficult to find a real clean stone.

A jade stone is often dyed or heat-treated to enhance the color but be careful not to get a dyed piece because after about 3 years it will fade away and junk will be left. Some crooks try to sell dyed quartz and other stones as green jade if you don’t know what’s up have it checked in all bigger town where they sell “The Stone of Heaven” there have labs for analyzing.

Jadeite Jade Sculptures & Statues

Stone Buddha Photos
Sitting white jade statues are an asset in every house it won't matter if it is a home or an office.

A white jade Buddha radiates calm and peace. It also shows that the owner has a wealthy background since this pretty thing has a substantial value. Jadeite Buddha sculptures of about 50 cm and upwards are not available below about $ 10k if they show a good material and artistic value. 

For such large pieces of jadestone to find one rock or boulder with a uniform color across the whole material is quite difficult, that makes it expensive.

Jade stones usually always have plenty of veins with many colors and patterns. Below are pretty jade cabochonrings in silver settings.
  1. beautiful white jadeite jade sculpture
  2. jade horse sculpture
  3. Sitting white jade statue
  4. Jadeite laughing Buddha Statues
  5. Sitting white jade Buddha statue
  6. jadeite Buddha statues
  7. Sitting white jade Buddha statue
  8. Chinese style white jade statues

High Grade Burmese Jadeite Jade

Burma (Myanmar) is known for a few subjects and products, which are Golden Pagodas, colorful green jadeite jade, rubies and sapphires and many more gemstones.

Conveniently the biggest market for the green stone is just across the mountainous border of Chinese Yunnan Region. Until recently most precious stones went there by smuggling just the same way as with corundum stones to Thailand.

The modern Burmese jadeite jade trade gained momentum after several Chinese merchants visited the Mandalay Region and the middle of the 19th Century and recognized the larger business potential. Legends tell that one of them bought all available green stones, had them carried to Yunnan and got instantly very rich men. Because there is nothing that has a higher value for Chinese than money caravans to the north multiplied.

The biggest challenge was to get the material to China because these trade channels were infested with bandits and criminal gangs.
In the 20th Century this trade expanded to a large one and climaxed in a $ 3 Billion turnover during the bi-annual Emporium in Naypyidaw in 2014 which was mainly fueled by demand from China and the Myanmar (Burmese) were not prepared to absorb such as huge sum in such a small timeframe so the exchange rate kyat – dollar went into a mess. The mineral has a high price tag especially when a few parameters come together, that means emerald like green color, luster and smooth and uniform texture, translucency and no cracks.
jade ball chain from Burma
Another push for Burmese (Myanmar) jadeite jade upwards was the fact that in the last century the mines in China got depleted (Hetian and more) actually the stones mined there and in today Tajikistan is the lesser quality Nephrite Jade currently (2016) most of this comes from BC in Canada and practically all top quality jadeite jade is mined in Myanmar (Burma) since there are no other places it is found on mother earth. The rather small mining which is going on in Central America is blue jadeite only.
Natural Jade
  Jadeite Jade  Photos
Natural Burmese jade & Myanmar jadeite green and other colored jade stone are the material to make jewelry and sculptures with a mystic touch. There are two variants, jadeite from Kachin State north of Mandalay and nephrite from China and another place such as BC Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other.mines worldwide. Green jadeite jade from Burma (Myanmar) is the worldwide number one in deposits and production. The difference between this two stone variants is the quality of the raw material.
  1. Bumese jade mine
  2. jade mine
  3. Jade Buddha Statue
  4. top grade green jade rock
  5. raw opium
  6. in the jadeite jade mine
  7. Burmese Jade products
  8. Jade boulder from Hpakant
  9. buying raw jadeite
  10. raw jadeite jade
  11. a1 Burmese jade
  12. green jade jewelry necklace with diamonds
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