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Beautiful Myanmar model girls 

Yangon Nightlife
Myanmar Nightlife
How and where to find Burmese & othere girls at night
Similar activities can be found in other ASEAN countries which are the dreams of many men who come to the countries of having a close encounter and usually they get what they search for. 

Actually, the difference is also in the night some entertainment parts are included to earn some money since the ladies only income is what they get from the guys via buying them flower garlands and maybe some close encounter with them after the show.
Myanmar Model Girls at power light nightclub in YangonBy various means first in sexy ways and second be careful that nothing goes wrong since there is a lot of criminality involved in general but in this country not much goes wrong, this is one of the safest on earth.

This is the place of choice when you want to spend your time with some cute oriental lady who soothing your senses by various methods. Since this is not an organized business here none of them has been trained by any means, they just behave normally and this is the actual charm of it. No hash-hash only fulfillment and doing some sexy pleasure stuff.

These Myanmar Model Girls are often pretty and young, what are they doing? They entertain the mainly male audience and everyone likes it because it is interesting to watch them. The same is available with Thailand girls but in a different style and more obvious with a sexy idea.

Myanmar Model Girls photos virtually tell more quality pictures and videos covering almost every aspect of the country,
an ideal setup for someone who wants to find out what's going on.
Burmese Girls at Work
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Encounter Myanmar girls

They are often unavoidable it happens but is not the rule, there is nothing much different to ladies in Milan or Paris who go the extra mile to get a lucrative modeling job they all have to live somehow. 

Anyway mood is good, women are pretty, entertainment is not so bad, life is beautiful,  ok could be better, but what can we do?

They do their job in the restaurants, bars, nightclubs, discos and other places in the big cities such as in Yangon and Mandalay plus some special spots on the border to China where the Chinese guys come over in the evening to have a good time. Actually, it's just entertainment, the same between Thailand and Malaysia on the Thai side at Sadao and Hat Yai and in  Kuala Lumpur .

Want to know what's up in Cambodia at night? Typical are the side-streets of Phnom Penh Sisowath Quay that is the hot stuff is on.

Also, there are plenty of Karaoke bars to sing and be happy together and some sexy stuff together. Maybe there are people who want to sit the whole evening in front of the TV looking at boring shows or whatever, they maybe don't know too much TV makes the people stupid because they loose any ability to do anything creative on their own.
Miss Universe candidate from Myanmar 2017 Htet Htet Htun
Miss Universe candidate from Myanmar 2017 Htet Htet Htun works as daytime model in Yangon.

Pretty Burmese Girls at work

Myanmar Girls Pics
The pretty ladies don't have much choice, office jobs and similar are not paid orderly there is not much money to made. So they have to get creative, often they are the only person in the family who earns some money.

As it is visible at any bar
This is not organized hanky panky business as it is in Europe, the ladies are here independently and no one controls them by any means, they come and go as they like. The only is a certain discipline must be maintained since they usually work within a fashion show group. 

For a traveler to Burma what could be better in the evening as visiting a bar, restaurant or disco in Yangon and have some fun with a local lady, they usually also speak some English.

This has to do with that sexy stuff which eases the walls. Usually, the models keep themselves in great shape, try to be healthy and take care of their skin. Great physical appearance and beautiful skin probably is the most important asset.

Their cute bodies, pretty faces, and a nice behavior are the means of making a living.  A myriad of guys somewhere in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and elsewhere dream about. This can be handled by makeup to a certain level but sooner or later the truth will surface.
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Young attractive women working the night shift

Myanmar Girls Photos
They have an excellent reputation in general, they are not aggressive, are cooperation oriented and not confrontational, although often very lazy and tomorrow is a usual expression.  

The best-known writings about Burmese girls are from Kipling and Maurice Collis. They wrote about a long time ago but its still valid, people don't change many Burmese ladies in the nightlife business working in fashion show entertainment, this is a local version of entertainment. Myanmar is a country where they have great girls for entertainment and more. Some work in that job other in a different one 

This can be a sexy fashion or dance show.

Maybe some karaoke, and other shows in one of the nightclubs, restaurants, bars and discos. Often something physical can happen afterward if the chemistry fits.
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There are plenty of things going on in Yangon and elsewhere, the ladies in the night are pretty and positive minded. There are basically three nightlife centers at Rangoon or Yangon, one is at the rooftop of the Ambassador building in Theingizay, Chinatown, that is the  Zero Zone Rock restaurant a nice blend between a restaurants and a nightclub.

Between 8 and 10 pm there are fashion show groups coming in every 30 minutes, they usually have up to 8 cute wannabe mannequins and it's possible to do some speed dating by giving some flower garlands when they hit the catwalk. They also have a buffet, beer, and other stuff, everything is very affordable. 

Other nightlife spots are around Kandawgyi Lake and Mingalar Zey Market.

There are several great places opening up when it gets dark with restaurants, discos, pubs, lounges and more with nice women (at the disco and pool bar) is at the Yangon International Hotel / Summit Parkview Hotel and at the opposite side of Ahlon Road.

These places are quite new means everything is in good shape and is functioning. Popular places are fusion restaurants which mean  plus nightclub and a stage in the center with about 2 dozen girls who show what they have and some singing.

Some of the Myanmar models sing amazingly good and the girls also do a slow motion dancing. Again the same method for speed dating, buy some flower garlands and they will sit down with you.  At Mingalar Zey Market he nightclubs are located in two bigger buildings with several discos, karaoke, and fashion show, these two places are dedicated to guys - girls interaction there are up to around 50 young ladies and sometimes even more.
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