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Myanmar's Icy Mountains

Most popular is Mount Popa

Myanmar & Asean Mountains of the far north
The climate and topology of Myanmar / Burma are very diverse from tropical to temperate and icy with snow and glaciers of the Myanmar Himalayas. 

Myanmar glaciers start around 2000km north of the equator in Kachin State and not many people saw them with their own eyes that would be an ideal winter sport spot in Southeast Asia actually the only one in ASEAN but as usual the government guys sit around in Naypyidaw and wait that maybe Buddha descends from Nirvana and pours some money, what about some work?

All other temperature zones in between are also available in North Myanmar and Kachin Stae . Tourist activities are fishing and boating trips and elephant rides the national parks and wildlife reserves pristine islands and trekking adventure. Putao trekking is the most northern destination for touristic activities.

Mount Popa is the most famous peak in Burma, an extinct volcano near Bagan.
The high ranges with peaks of up to 5881 meters (Hkakabo Razi) are offshoots of the Tibetan Himalayas, perfect for adventure tours and trekking.

They have been explored already by the colonial British when several botanists were searching for the sources of the Irrawaddy but finally gave it up because there were too many.

Actually, there are three versions of peaks first are the high ones in Kachin State north of Myitkyina another is east of Bagan in central Myanmar with Mount Popa which is also known as "Abode of the Nats", Mount Popa is an extinguished volcano popping out from the flat land of the central plains.

The other rather low hill ranges are in Shan State which reminds to the Alpine foothills of Austria with Lake Inle in the center average height is around thousand meters.

I read this book and it is by far the best information souce of north Myanmar.

Also a pleasant surprise compared to the superficial "watered down" writings of the "Google Age". His group was searching for the sources of the Irrawaddy. Click on the picture to buy it for knowing real facts about Myanmar.
Mount Popa
Above is a picture of Mount Popa the most popular hill in the country a interesting day trip from Bagan in central Myanmar.

Myanmar Burma outdoor travel

Burma is an ideal outdoor and recreational destination a bit primitive but natural and beautiful.

Although there are strong attempts by Chinese pochers to destroy the nature cut trees and get them over the border kill the wildlive and use them for useless often even poissonous medicine etc.

In the last 7 years already about 7 million Chinese people settled from Mandalay northwards and are strongly involved to feed their god which is the money. Anyway during colonial times many British enjoyed the beauty of the Burmese mountains and slowly a new wave of nature loving tourists are coming back to north Myanmar. 
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Great pristine outdoors are waiting in Myanmar the former Burma so take your hiking equipment camping gear tents and move on. Great places to get away from your daily routines are not far away. If you are out for camping and hiking adventure its worth it to think a little bit first to avoid a nightmare later.

If you know the area you intend to go for your outdoor travel its somehow easy but it is a good idea to go through area maps again and learn how to use a compass. One basic start to do your outdoor travel is never travel alone, only one person is a easy pray for mad people out there and if you have a accident there might be someone needed to help.

Check for good camping gear cloth and tents since every trip into the outdoors requires to carry certain basic items you can easily find in any outdoors store. Outdoor backpacks, outdoor camping, outdoor clothing and equipment. It depends where you go on your trek and how long you are out there plus how is the terrain. Is it forest, is it dessert, are mountains to climb on your outdoor adventure trip, are there rivers to cross and so on. So think first and act after rafting in the brown waters is very popular among foreign and local tourists, a good example is Umphang with river rafting in the wild waters of the jungle mountains at the Myanmar Thailand border.

If you want to do it on your own take some water food and learn how to handle the compass in relation to the map. A first aid kit wont hurt flashlight pocket knife or similar waterproof matches and a lighter are a must on outdoor travel. One of the most important items on your outdoor adventure travel are good shoes boots or other. If you like fishing take some fishing gear with you outdoor clothing and rain protection.

Out there in the Myanmar wilderness a insect repellent and a whistle for attracting attention would also be a good idea. The whole depends very much on the area and who remote is the outdoor area to travel to, hiking trails, maybe a lake and some small rivers to catch the dinner., so can get a little fishing in too! Camping is not for everyone since you are very close to nature, to bugs running around, mosquitoes and other unpleasant insects, in the north maybe a bear or wolf or other encounter, enjoy a great waterfall, do some rafting or just jump into the ocean and say hello to the fish via scuba diving. Some of the greatest outdoor destinations are waterfalls in particular pond waterfalls where you can explore the different levels of the fall and jump into the waterfall pond at the low level, this is in wild nature or maybe in an outdoor park.

Since camping somehow leads to other outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, hiking, trekking certain equipment and gear you will probably need such as a hiking backpack, binoculars, camera – video, don’t forget a long zoom. If you are in a group get some walkie talkies and a very important outdoor gear are good shoes. Basics would be a tent, a sleeping bag and an air mattress, this can be extended depending how much you can carry and what comfort you want to have, don't forget a lantern to light the place around.

Outdoor cooking over an open flame needs some cookware, make sure when you buy your cookware its light and has a good quality it will make your camping trip much more enjoyable, if you make camping sites during a Himalaya trekking tour the tour people will take care of everything including cooking, have a good trip !

This outdoor pictures are from northern Myanmar or northern Burma. The mountains there are an extension of the Tibet Himalaya called Myanmar Himalaya. The area is very untouched since the only foreigners every been there were some British soldiers and some Botanists during colonial times. Now the area starts to get some tourists via ecotour which basically are trekking and camping tours. A untouched piece of the world of which are not much left.

One of the main outdoor attractions is mountain climbing to conquer South East Asia's highest peak the Hkakabo Razi and the other icy mountains around.One of the best outdoor destination worldwide is Thailand. Even plenty of scenic parts of the country have been destroyed or changed dramatically there is id plenty of great outdoor nature still there since before it become to late they Thai authorities started with the help of some US National Park Specialists to create large National Parks throughout the country where buildings and streets are banned plus also any commercial activities. This together with the usually friendly nature of Thai people created a pleasant environment for exploring and relaxing.

Most National Parks have plenty of visitors locals and foreigner although the tourists don't know much about the nature of southeast Asia.

In several National parks are huge artificial reservoirs to generate electricity since there is plenty of water around, this reservoirs are a great outdoor destination by

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myanmar mountain trekking

Snowcapped Peaks of Burma

North Myanmar Photos
The region is mainly populated with larch and other coniferous trees.

The main troublemaker against nature are Chinese and local poachers. An attractive wild environment together with countless of beautiful waterfalls and wild streams makes it an ideal adventure holiday. Actually, they still have tigers and bears in the jungle.

The whole length of the Salween and Irrawaddy divide for about 300 km north of latitude 26' is covered with high mountains and snow peaks of the Myanmar Himalayas, from here comes the water for the Irrawaddy (Ayeyarwady).
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