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Southeast Asian Nightlife

Southeast Asian ASEAN Nightlife & Pics

Tropical fun at night with young exotic women

Some countries of southeast Asia boast an active nightlife even as the philosophy in some of them is not very much positive around nightlife.

Nightlife in Asia as almost everywhere is commonly known related to alcohol and active with girls. Although trendy bars dynamic clubs and a lot of fun derivates in the nightlife scene are around but since most people in this part of the world are much more tolerant (not on everything) as in the rest of the world e.g. drinking coffee or tea in a hardcore nightclub won't raise eyebrows. 

The nightclub scene is very diverse from the high-end to the simple low-end beer station at the corner just selling some beer right out from the refrigerator often also having something to eat.

Enjoy an authentic colonial-styled bar

Among other in the E&O Hotel in Penang  or one a bit less authentic in Yangon's Strand Hotel. There is also a great bar with continuous German Beer Supply in the Savoy Hotel which is a bit off center in the former capital. Check the section below for a suitable hotel there are many for every taste and budget.
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  1. Bali nightlife at Kuta
    Bali Nightlife
  2. Mindanao Nightlife
    Mindanao Nightlife
Smooth Asian Nightlife
At night markets plenty of exotic and fake goods are for sale, many of them will look somehow familiar to you, have you seen this somewhere before ? Yes you have, this is together with China the worst copycat country in the word.

The people have some problems to do creative designs and do something new, they just copy everything, that's the easy way. This even reaches as far as buying franchise from US companies for subjects such as fast food restaurants (which locals can do better but less clean) but they have no confidence to do it by them self. Currently (2017) 

The exceptions are sexy girls you can do something with without long discussions, bla bla and don’t like this and don’t like that, there are only a few places on planet earth where you can enjoy it like that. If you have enough from the ladies go shopping that’s another great experience in bazaars, floating markets, huge malls or just some flimsy stall at the beach, sale is everywhere they even run after you with the stuff hanging around the neck.

Interesting novelties are sold on the nightmarkets many buyer are nightlife girls who often just turn the money they earned into silver creations also called hill tribe handcraft stis stuff is always a good buy but it needs tough negations otherwise they "pull you over the table". Cheap DVD's are available clothing shoes handbags watches and plenty of other cheap jewelry plus copy items.

But what the tourists are really after is sun adventure travel beaches and fun. Excitement with ladies who get you vibrating plus make some great photos. Just sit down at a bar and watch the crowd or take one of the girls with you.

If you don’t want close encounters just have some beers and soak in the ambiance. The party is on until about 2 am and interesting encounters are waiting after. This is a great vacation destination with myriads of beaches, islands in the Andaman Sea, jungle, mountains in west and north, great national parks and more.
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Some highlights in an ASEAN night

An amazing situation in the ASEAN area is for sure the handling of nightlife in Muslim dominated countries and other.

Considering the strange behavior in other Muslim dominated countries related to nightlife and in particular what happen with the girls it's somehow incredible to watch this in Indonesia and Malaysia.
Where certain guys are running wild within their hypocrite lying philosophy which can be watched in a ridiculous way especial at the Thailand  - Malaysia border with   Dannok Nightlife.

The life at night is totally untamed and even Bangkok can't match that it's on a level as it was in the capital about 30 years ago all this here is in a positive meaning. Yes and all this is fueled from the guys who live on the other side of the border, it is even common that people pay in Ringgit and not in Baht.

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  2. Bangkok bar at patpong
  3. Nightlife at Thaniya plaza
  4. nightlife girls at thaniya plaza bangkok
  5. nightlife girls at patpong bangkok
  6. freelancer at night in Ayutthaya
  7. nightlife girls at thaniya plaza bangkok
  8. nightclub girls in Phuket
  9. Nightlife with Karaoke in Ayutthaya
  10. nightlife girls at patpong bangkok
  11. soi cowboy nightlife bangkok
  12. soi cowboy nightlife bangkok with young women

Best nightlife cities in Asia

Nightlife Photos
Asia nightlife is superior to most other elsewhere and that has to do with women and the cost.
Considering this two parameter you can immediately eliminate nightlife places in Singapore and Hong Kong. It reminds me to one of my visits to Hong Kong when where the Mama San brought me a pretty Chinese girl to the table the young lady sat down and the old lady (Mama San) was standing with a stopwatch i would rather call this driving satisfaction.

They gave me 10 minutes to make a deal with the girl but I want to have fun this was for sure not fun. It's totally the opposite as Bangkok Phnom Penh or let's say nightlife in Yangon .  The best are for sure not in Chinese dominated cities. 
  1. Bangkok girly bar
  2. fun at night in Bangkok
  3. sexy night in Bangkok
  4. pretty nightclub scene in Yangon