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Rangoon (Yangon) City 

​A walk through the old Yangon Center

A Yangon / Rangoon Histort Day Tour 
Exploring the colonial-style Rangoon city center which rather reminds to Calcutta and not South East Asia /ASEAN plus other things to do. Starting at the Sule Pagoda which the British designated as the center when they rebuilt the city (entrance fee $ 5,-), it’s enough to watch from outside there is absolute nothing interesting inside. People say it was built over 2,000 years ago, but there is no evidence, there are plenty of legends in Myanmar.

Strolling down the dirty roads is like a time machine turns you back to the time when the British occupied the country. A good idea would be to take a breathing mask with since the exhaust from the stinking buses, trucks and cars is awful. The whole is ambivalent on the one side the interesting nostalgic feeling and on the other the mess of a totally rotten environment.

Shwedagon Pagoda
Flower Market
Kandawgyi Fire
Bandola Street
Yangon City

The British made a grid layout

When the English moved from Mandalay to then Rangoon they rebuilt the city during colonial times.

This was one of their best actions they ever have done in the country because otherwise it probably would look like chaotic Bangkok where nothing has ever being planned.

​A walk through the street could be the best to somehow understand the situation since everything relevant to Yangon (Rangoon) is reflected here. That means the organization of the town which is just the medieval way they had in Europe and still today in India and similar. Where the book printers are clusters around 3x Street. The small clinics and pharmacies right before.
old railway station (1)
old railway station (1)

Flower shops in between, shoe repair and opticians around 38 Street and City Hall plus Maha Bandoola Park open up the whole around 100 meters north of the Yangon River banks.

From here the ferries leave to cross the wide waterway and the Pazungtaung Creek is to the east.
Colonial style along the road including the minister’s office (pictured above) which is a pretty brick struckture with all nostalgic elements as it was in London's 19th century.  This is the center of the city and great Buddhist shrines are around such as the Sule and Botataung Pagoda . A bit to west General Electric installed in 2013 a big electricity generation power unit which brought the long missing spark to the city.

This is somehow a horizontal mall over several kilometers. Fishes and other seafood are piled up on large plates but most food stuff is laid out without any ice, which is quite dangerous considering the immense tropical heat.
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Maha Bandoola Park and City Hall
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maha bandoola park
Feel the Yangon city beat
Old Rangoon Photos
Roadside flowers shops many street markets are along Anawratha Road and around Sule Pagoda in the city center and the intersection.

But as usual in this part of the world, an avalanche of stinky buses and cars moves through.

The boardwalk is full of fast food vendors who usually sell all kind of skewer, there are open-air fruit and flower stalls and a plenty of cheap Chinese stuff including clothes, shoes, and household items is sold over the counter.

  1. the old ministers office needs a renovation
  2. old rangoon sightseeing
  3. old Yangon
  4. Yangon victorian style architecture
  5. Yangon colonial architecture
  6. in the park
  7. old Yangon architecture
  8. the old tower at the park
Sightseeing in old Rangoon 
The buildings are a legacy of the British and a typical fix-points for an old Yangon city tour.

When the British moved in to restructure Rangoon the result was what we can see today. Since the people who actually did the work according to their plans came from India it is clearly visible today that they planted their roots into the architecture.

Just walk around down town and enjoy many views similar to Bombay or Calcutta, also the structure of the different quarters is the same. All this old style living definitely gives it's charming, but this heritage might be gone soon since nobody takes care of it.

  1. old yangon railway station
  2. Sule Pagoda and Sunni Bengali Mosque
  3. The governors residence hotel
  4. flower street market
  5. Moorish style in the city center
  6. Chulia Dargah Mosque in front of Bogyoke Market
  7. Yangon city hall
  8. sule pagoda road
Here also some old mosques and pagodas are around the Buddhist guards at the Sule pagoda ask $ 5,- entry. At a mosque nobody ask for an entrance fee it is not a good idea to charge money to enter a house of god. It rather shows an awful greed and no respect to the foreigners.

Everything is left in decay although the Chinese people who owns the shopping mall and the Grand Mee Ya Hta plus some other luxury hotels in the country made commitments to renovate when they get the location after they got it they looked into a different direction and just forgot it actually at about 2014 they started with some renovation of the old Rangoon railway station which is just beside the hotel.

The old building is a real treasure of the city as are some more similar which are just rotting in despair. Actually by March 2014 a small sign was set up telling renovation in progress but lets see what happen at the end..

Flower Market along Anawrahta Road and 38th Street
Anawrahta Road is one of the four main roads running from East to West. That is also the "high street" for all kind of shopping. From morning to evening a never ending caravan of stinking buses runs through.

This and the smaller ones are the only public transport the city has and that's a real lousy one, read more.

Chulia Dargah Mosque
Chulia Dargah Mosque is right in front of Bogyoke Market

British legacy at Anawrahta Road
British legacy at Anawrahta Road

The British actually did a excellent job when restructuring the place , one of the very few they did, because if they wouldn't have done it, the place would look like Bangkok where only greed and chaos is the driving force. Actually this changed a bit in the last years with the infrastructure projects.

Tour Mandalay City
Tour Mandalay City
A similar interesting tour is at Mandalay the second biggest town in the country. In terms of monument it even tops Yangon, read more.

Tour to Monywa
Tour to Monywa
Near Monywa is the Alaungdaw Kathapa National Park, the biggest in the country with great Elephant trekking. At Monywa is a great Buddha Shrine and close by the Cave Temples, read more.

Bagan tour with Pagodas
Bagan the ancient tour destination
Bagan is the number one tour destination almost every visitor visit this ancient city at least one tome, it's real unique. There is nothing similar on mother earth let's see some great panoramas you never experienced before, read more.

tour the Yangon harbor
Explore the Yangon harbor
The Yangon Harbor is just right for a half day trip. Here you can see the real Burmese live. Be aware that they wont take a foreigner with in this boats which shuttle on the water because they are afraid if anything happen. So if you ever be around there don't insist they just follow orders, read more.

A walk through the old center

The Sule Pagoda and Sunni Bengali Mosque
The Sule Pagoda and Sunni Bengali Mosque

old style at Sule Pagoda road
is a look back by any means but if they would renovate this old houses it would definitely draw a lot of tourists. Plenty of colonial times era houses and government buildings, a legacy of the British presence, these structures were built between the mid-19th century and the outbreak of World War II in 1940. Still visible today together with many beautiful lakes and pagodas. A sightseeing tour wouldn't be complete without visiting some hotels in old renovated buildings like the "governors residence".

The governors residence hotel Yangon
The governors residence hotel

Facing the City Hall across is the Maha Bandoola Park

Yangon city hall

with the 150-foot Independence Monument in the center. Walking through the streets one get the visual impression to be rather in India and not in an south east Asian country. The whole organization and buildings have a strong Indian touch.

At the park on the east side is the Supreme and High Court Building. The red, yellow-trimmed, Victorian-style structure was built between 1905 and 1911 at a cost of 2.45 million kyats. The City Hall catches the eye on the north-east corner of the Sule Pagoda Road and Maha Bandoola Street. It is a stately building designed by architect U Tin in 1925 and features local themes and motifs.

Red brick white trimmed old buildingMoorish style building with arched entrance
Victorian style buildingSupreme and high Court Building

At the corner of Bo Kyaw and Kannar (Strand) Roads is the red brick, yellow-trimmed General Post Office with a Moorish style, arched entrance. Below is a typical downtown apartment building and a old villa from colonial times.

Downtown condoColonial style villa

These English-colonial style houses can be found occupying shady, quiet compounds just a short distance from the downtown area. A number of them can be viewed along Taw-win and Dhammazedi Roads and in the golden Valley, Bahan and Tamwe townships.

Colonial style at Anawrahta Road
Colonial style at Anawrahta Road

Old Town city tour
The architecture of government buildings is characterized by masonry and brickwork as seen on Anawrahta Road here, pillars and columns, high ceilings, balconies with intricate designs and fine patterns and the ever-present porticos.

A bit to the west is the well known Strand Hotel built in 1901.

At one time the Oriental Hotel in Bangkok and this one were the top in South East Asia. Restored and refurbished with some modern-day amenities, the Strand still retains some original fittings such as teak wainscoting, ceiling fans, marble bathrooms, canopied beds and Myanmar works of art. That's a bit west of the very center, one of the best quarters during colonial times.
center with the court building

The problem is, in front of the hotel runs one of the city busiest street where 24 hour extremely stinking trucks move from the harbor back and forward, not to count the other extremely noisy traffic.
Bogyoke Market Yangon
Bogyoke Market
Other interesting colonial-style buildings are the Railway Station with highly ornate traditional designs.

The Bogyoke Aung San Market Structure and the Holy Trinity Cathedral, all typical English with red as the dominant color.
tour the Yangon harbor
Explore the Yangon harbor

city tour afternoon
city tour around 38 street

Yangon city tour on architecture
City tour on architecture
Yangon history at Anawrahta Road
History at Anawrahta Road