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Jomtien Beach Pattaya

Pattaya Beach

Includes Jomtien Klang & Beach Road

Pattaya Market
Pattaya Nightlife
Pattaya Girls
Walking Street
Bangkok to Pattaya
Pattaya is somehow encircled with beaches the best known in the city center is Beach Road means the extension of "Walking Street" to the south.

If you walk down change the side dont walk along the waterside its better to use the other side where the shops and restaurants line up. Why? The waterfront side is infested with ladyboy gangs which try to rob you sometimes it looks to me as if all the scum of Thailand has been settled in Pattaya and think the tourists are their pray. Actually it got a bit better since the military took over but before the police took their share and they could do what they wanted.

​In any case the normal response is keep stay away from them since they are usually ugly one wonders why men are interested in them. Okay they are cheaper but the risk to deal with sick people and the crime rate makes them off limit. Pattaya in Chonburi province can be a good place to live but as indicated before it needs to be careful because far to many Thai criminals travel to the tourist centers and try hit and run on the foreigners. This thing is the police let them do it because they are Thai.
Popular Pattaya Waterfronts
Pictures of Pattaya Beaches
Pattaya Beaches are long stretched along the Gulf of Thailand. Resorts are constantly added mainly along the south.

There is plenty of space foreigners retirement is also one of the driving factors of the hotel boom but currently (2017) its a a Russian frenzy.

Its unbelievable, the city and also Phuket is virtually under "Russian occupation", the problem with the local businesses is they don't create much of business means in the shops its mainly only vodka and some food like potatoes and white bread stuff to take back to the hotel or apartment and make their typical food.

They don't spend much money in restaurants, bars and nightclubs, asking any Thai shop owner they almost cry and ask where have the EU, US and Australian tourist gone.
  1. Klang Beach Road
  2. Off the beach at night
  3. beach road waterfront
  4. klang beach
Walking along beach road
Pattaya Beach Photos
Here is one of the major sightseeing spots in Pattaya City and a very interesting one too but as indicated before be extremly vigilant.

Especially in the evening and night strange stuff is going on freelancer are around plus hooker and more most are ladyboys all are after your money. Sometimes the Thai police try to do something on the ladyboy problem but usually in vain.
  1. at night at beach road
  2. pattaya beach road view
  3. pattaya beach road freelancer at work
  4. pattaya beach road view (1)
Jomtiem Beach
Pattaya Waterfront Photos
Jomtien Beach is the second city center at the south end.

Beyond is an endless stretch of sand along the Gulf of Thailand and after about 300 km to the south is the Cambodian border at Koh Kong. Here is most bigger industry and a deep sea port located plus the renovated U-Tapao airport which was already in use by the US forces during the Vietnam War. Actually Pattaya is an appanage of the Vietnam war it functioned as a recreation point for the GI. Somehow similar to Clarke Airbase near Manila Philippines.

From Pattaya City center its around 2 km. Only about 20 years ago this was a fishing village where the fishermen went out into the Gulf of Thailand in the night to catch this seafood the foreigners will eat the next day, it came fresh to the Pattaya hotels and restaurants. Jomtien Beach is ok for families and single only moderate bar girls business is around.
  1. Jomtien Beach
  2. Jomtien Beach (1)
  3. Jomtien Sea food Restaurant
  4. Jomtien Beach (2)

Pattaya Beach Holiday