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Penang Nightlife

Tropical nights in Malaysia

Tropical Nights in Penang
The island of the betelnut has an international and multiracial flair which brings an interesting "melange" for a hot tropical nightlife behind the closed door, other hot stuff happens indeed. With the avalanche of Arab and Chinese tourists, the demand for entertainment has changed a little since these groups have different tastes regarding nightlife girls.

This relaxed atmosphere creates a great nightlife; shopping and exotic food in various restaurants to have a good time. Since travel expenses are also in a manageable region it’s somehow an excellent holiday destination with an attractive multi-ethnic society.
Walking down Jalan Penang in Georgetown in the night. In front of Hotel Malaysia a local guy approach me and is whispering "you like a lady?" I answer "no", like Russian Girl", "No", like "Egyptian girl"? he tells: what you like? I answer beer after the conversation finished. But it shows that Penang nightlife has an international touch indeed. Since the main tourist crowd in Malaysia comes from Arab countries now they also have Middle East ladies available plus Eastern Europe beauties because Arabs pay a lot for some blondies.

The center is Penang Street with clubs, discos, pubs, food courts, fine restaurants and street food . That is at the beginning of the street which is a walking zone with plenty of fun spots. Two more places round up the scene, this is Gurney Drive ( a few minutes to the northwest) and Batu Ferringhi Beach about an hour to the northeastward coast, here is more ASEAN nightlife a bit further north.

Georgetown at night

Georgetown Penang KTV
There are three places where the Penang Nightlife heat boils up

One is Georgetown center plus Gurney Drive on the East Coast and the other is Batu Ferringhi on the North West Coast which is the main beach area.

Around Gurney Drive

The place has a constant stream of holiday maker and other who retire here finally means every night is a busy one. 

What also makes the nightlife environment friendly is prices are still reasonable; this is not Hong Kong or Singapore with exorbitant prices and
  1. penang nightlife at gurney drive
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  3. penang nightlife in georgetown
  4. penang nightlife at gurney drive
silly dress codes. Gurney Drive and at Batu Ferringhi  let you drift away on your trip into an exotic environment where it never gets cold.
A good entertainment infrastructur with bars, pubs, discos, live music 
in lounges and parlors and the ever present food attraction make some days in north-west Malaysia truly enjoyable. Great hawker center and food courts and plenty of Chinese and Indian people who make sure that things works and religious ideas are not taking over completly since frankly speaking who likes that ideologic fantsy taking over life? It's already too much  anyway.