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The capital of the Island is the City / Town on the East Coast
New Phuket data in 2017 according to the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) 13.4 million visitors came last year (2016) to the island up from 13.2 million in 2015.

Of last year's figures, 9.64 million came from overseas and 3.76 million were domestic tourists. Local and foreign tourists together generated an income of 340 billion baht.

The top 10 countries from which most tourists came were China Russia Australia Germany Britain South Korea Japan Malaysia France and Sweden respectively. The forecasts are 13.8 million arrivals for 2017 with revenues of about 363 billion baht. For the first six months of 2017 Phuket had held 13 sports and recreation events that drew many foreigners another 19 events are planned for this year including the Phuket King's Cup Regatta.

About 6000 hotel rooms are expected to come into operation until 2020.

Phuket has always been a seat of power and during the British colonial rule a major portion of the west-east trade through the British East India Company, Chinese traders, Portuguese trading houses etc. went through Phuket known as Junk Ceylon at that time.

Today the tourist's rules and the island itself get a bit overcrowded, but not of tourists, since around 7 years (today 2016) most people come from the north of the country for sure not to retire in Phuket Patong. They are in search for a job and other things to do. Now the population is about 1.2 Million from where natives are 200.000, about the same tourists/foreigners and the rest from other provinces and crime rate is just normal. But there are many persons from elsewhere in the country to come to the island for a quick hit and run.

Chinese and Russians 

The Chinese and Russian invasion brought plenty of tourists to Phuket Island but not much revenue since they buy only cheap stuff and for Thai people a tourist is only a good one when he/she creates a lot turnover via consuming, vodka replaces whiskey.

Where to stay in Phuket?

There are a few basic parameters to consider, this has something to do with the east or west side of the island. Because everyone coming for a holiday has beaches in mind it is clear that the best waterfronts are for sure on the west-side of the island. If you want to stay close to a waterfront and go swimming in the Andaman Sea it needs a deeper water level which is only available on the Phuket west side because at the east is mainly shallow sea level having only enough depth for swimming during high tide. 

About Phuket History

Phuket Photos
The affair of Phuket island with foreigners started quite long ago.

Already Ptolemy mentioned that on travel to the Malaysian peninsula, one would have to pass a cape which he called the Junk Ceylon. A location between the latitudes of 6 N and 8 N was indicated for Junk Ceylon which is more or less the position of the present day. It seems that the island was a popular restocking harbor by ships from Europe, Arab and Indian countries plus Chinese. The area around offered protection against storms and the possible opportunity to rest and restock. The island becomes later known as Thalang after the city which still exists in the center of the Island.

The Mon in southern Myanmar (Burma) 
was also known as Thalangs. There are plenty of interesting connections between this two countries. Another important event was in 1785 when troops from neighboring Burma tried to  invade the island. The former governor’s widow, Chan, and her sister Muk organized the defense, the assault lasted nearly a month. Another important part in history was the "Tin Age".
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Phuket Kings Cup Regatta
Phuket Sailing Photos
The sailing event was first held to celebrate the 60th birthday of His Majesty the King of Thailand, now in 2017, it is Asia’s most famous sailing and yachting regatta event in every year.

The sailing event takes place every year in the first week of December to commemorate His Majesty’s birthday on the 5th. Monohulls Catamarans and trimarans from Asia Australia Europe and other countries come to sort out the best in categories such as sailboat and catamaran racing and cruising.

Off the coast of Kata Beach battles can be seen between the different competitors and mast get broken from time to time because of that. About 2,500 participants from 30 countries come to the island to show respect to the King of Thailand on his birthday from Dec 2-6 which means four days boat racing where the first day is reserved for practice day. Starts is 7 am at Kata Beach and many local companies support the event by commercial activities.
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We have a suggested, selection of 24 excellent bungalows available in a compound located at the beach for a high level of privacy, other locations also available. The thing is that most high end housing compounds are far in the north, some even behind the airport where practically nothing is, only the houses and the beach. We are in the south in an urban area around.

Plus apartment, hotels, villas etc. , right on the beach,

in town where ever you want there are plenty of possibilities. If you like that that we look after you during your stay all time, which is more or less a tour, it is possible. We also can do all booking for you, you only need to tell what you like into the comment form at the bottom or the contact sheet / via email at the left.

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As usual in Thailand there is space for lesbians, gay and ladyboys, all very compact and available without any problems. There are people who call that "Sodom and Gomorrah" actually I like that kind of it.
Here are a couple of nightclub pictures

to give you an idea whats up and what you can expect. One is for sure here are very pretty young women who like to join foreigners for a short time or longer.

Sex tourism in thailand
Sex tourism in Thailand

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Sex holiday in Phuket

Actually the only you have to do is to come to the island and take enough money with, the rest we will do, you will have a pleasant surprise. Most people who come for vacation come again because this place in the Andaman Sea is really exceptional.

In the area are National Parks with jungle, lakes, islands for diving and snorkeling. You can take a speed boat to Phi-Phi Island and enjoy the scenes where they did the movie "The Beach" or just lay down at the swimming pool which is just 30 meters from the sandy beach.

Start your holiday and do just what you like, start your dream today in an open minded and tolerant environment.
Costs for a week

Bungalow for 6 nights, one pretty women a day at your choice. It starts at $ 2900,-, for any other configuration pls. ask. Many pretty young women are available and there is a wide choice for selection, you can change them every day if you like.

One bed room home
One bed room home
Two bedroom house
Two bedroom house

You sexy thing in Phuket
You sexy thing

We also have a bigger seven room new villa right at the beach and many other houses plus a huge swimming pool. In about 10 minutes walking distance behind us are 4 shopping center and about a dozen restaurants.

To town and Patong is 30 Minutes with the car and to the airport around an hour. If you are in the compound you wont see anything of this, the place is a tropical garden right at the beach inclusive a small zoo.

The whole place has over 20 holiday homes, this is your ideal destination for sex holiday in Phuket.

Fun in the night

That means a warm tropical night, a breeze from the Andaman Sea over the beach, plenty of girls around and a couple of beers in your system couldn't that be what you are looking for? On top of it with the butterflies of the night you can do things you've been dreaming about the whole year but couldn't.

Visit a bar or nightclub at Patong beach, Phuket Town, Kata, Karon or elsewhere and a virtual Tsunami of fun and pleasure will have you drift away.

It's hot entertainment, some clubs with life music, tasty sea food, Phuket bar girls, karaoke, go-go and coyote dancing and more.

Patong Beach Holiday
Patong Beach Holiday

go-go girls at Patong

Nightlife in Phuket Bangla Road
Bangla Road

Bangla Road is the action center in the night with thousands of Thai bar girls, guys and lady- boys trying to grab a piece of the tourist cake. This is the center of gravity in terms fun, shopping and nightlife on the island, read more.

One of the exotic hot spots is Soi Sea Dragon

where this two friendly fellows are located, they kick the night off with a sweet cocktail.

bangla road soi sea dragon
Soi sea dragon entertainment

Soi Crocodile, that's ladyboys for the back side freaks,

is at Bangla Road, the difference to the other similar places is there are plenty of lady-boys around dancing on the tables and posing with fantasy costumes together with the tourists, price per shot Baht 100.-. The thing is, since this is a real unique situation which wont never come again, pay the hundred Baht and have a absolute unique picture.

soi crocodile
Soi crocodile ladyboy show

Now, where do they come from? There is a cabaret in the back where they are dancing but it seems more money is made with the pics as with dancing means cheers to the tourist who supply the money.

a bit of sodom and gomorrah
A bit of Sodom and Gomorrah

Today activities in nightlife have a touch of a modern Sodom and Gomorrah and it is interesting to watch how many people like this kind of stuff, its basically entertainment in real time, no need to watch on you IPhone here everything is naturally happen in front of you.

You are on holiday and wanna try one of this exotic women who say yes when you want them to go with you and not this ones you know from at home yelling you "drop dead" when you want something from them, welcome in Thailand.

Thai girls for real time speed dating
Thai girls for real time speed dating

If you like a busy beach and great night with restaurants, pubs, massage shops, and so on within a few minutes walk radius, the first choice is Patong Beach and the second is the Kata - Karon area which is a bit less busy.