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Phuket Town at night

Phuket Town Show Girls

Live your dreams in Phuket Thailand
Making vacation long stay and retirement  Retirement tips South East Asia ASEAN in Thailand inevitable brings some sexy reality into your life.

Even if you maybe are not much interested but the young women or maybe guys are after you. It won't have much to do how you are oriented or your age it's just the way of a different society which preserved their way of living. They are not so silly to think all is good as it is in the "west". Thailand and also other countries such as Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia have their own way of thinking / living, although the US try everything to interfere with their living but luckily they are not that successful and that is good so.

​Buddy Cafe & Pink Lady Chamois Club

Buddy Cafe together with Pink Lady Chamois Club in Phuket Town is a place with good vibrating nightclub and shows that there is another Phuket nightlife which is more locally focused which is also evident in these "cafes" in the city center pimaer people with local character and asian nightmares usually meet japanese and korean visitor Phukets. Pink Lady Chamois is very centrally located right next to the Royal Phuket Hotel Buddy cafe is not so easy to find as it is located in a side street next to the big one near the big Thavorn Hotel there is also a smaller Thavorn hotel in the city center.

Phuket nightclub girls
Making Phuket tattoos at night
Phuket nightlife and tattoo shops. 

Phuket tattoo studios are doing their business, especially in the night with foreigners on vacation in Phuket. The tattoo artists in Thailand deliver excellent tattoo art and its quite cheap compared to US or Europe, most work during nightlife hours, most tattoo parlors are at Patong or Karon.

Most tattoo shops in Phuket and elsewhere in Thailand such as Bangkok deliver good work for low cost. An exotic tattoo is usually made in shops with a good hygienic environment and by using the most modern equipment like tattooing guns for colors. The result is excellent Phuket tattoos made within 1 or 2 hours, maybe more in the night. The tattoo parlors are usually open until 1 or 2 am. Most parlors in Europe or the US would refuse to tattoo when they sense some strange behavior (such as being drunk), in Thailand no one cares about this.
Phuket Girls in Town and a sexy show
They show what they have
And yes they do more for you if you want and they do an excellent job