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Railay Beach

Here is west Railay Waterfront

West Railay is for staying around at the beachfront
Railay Beach east and west in Thailand's Krabi Province are spectacular indeed.

It needs to see this waterfront together with Ao Nang since Railay Beach is an extension to the former. The place is quite popular because there are a couple of real attractive beach resort around which are not so expensive either. The only negative is the cliff between Ao Nang and Railay Beach which makes it difficult to move around.

Actually the another highlight is the towering limestone cliffs which are ideal for mountain climbing at the waterfront. There are several companies offering to learn it. People like Railay for two reasons it's visually a beautiful place and as already indicated the spectacular rock climbing opportunities. This waterfront on Krabi's Andaman Coast offers beautiful nature for a reasonable price and that makes it a perfect match for an attractive visit into the south of Thailand.
Railay has several accommodation options which are some beach resort and cottages at the waterfront this are the higher price end places on the west side and with lower prices are available on the east side. When on a visit don't forget a to make a ride to Chicken Island (because the limestone cliff looks like a gigantic chicken).  

Nearby is Ton Sai beach

With more accommodations and a bit to the south is Fossil Shell Cemetery.   Around are the usual restaurants and bars when going for dinner have a look in the kitchen and ask if they use water from the bottle if not go elsewhere to avoid problems for the few days. They all serve the same Thai food which is quite good but it always needs to be vigilant on the hygienic subject. 

Waterborne activities are many but best is snorkeling, high-end marine life and coral reefs are not so attractive.

Actually, rock climbing made Railay famous and since almost all activities are popular these days  and Railay's waterfront is perfect. But be careful since the slippery cliffs are not as easy to conquer. There are several tour companies around use them and you will avoid problems they are not as expensive. If you like visiting underwater attraction move to Khao Lak they have the Similan Archipelago in front one of the best diving ground on the globe. 

When traveling from Phuket

There is another very interesting spot which is Ao Luk a couple of kilometers beyond Phang Nga City.

In the mangroves are a couple of limestone caves with prehistoric cave paintings. I just wonder who certified this because in Thailand they fake anything as long as it brings cash.  Anyway, it's an interesting place at the entrance to the mangrove forest is a huge restaurant. They also rent kayaks and a couple of longtail boats are around.

These boats are probably the best choices because it's easy to get lost in this huge mangrove swamp. The longtail boat driver also functions as a guide and know exactly where the cave paintings are hidden so no need to waste time for a long search around. South Thailand and especially Krabi province is somehow like a big Emmentaler cheese. From here to Ao Phra Nang Beach it's about another two hours with the car or scooter.
  1. Krabi Thailand
If you ever come to this area let me tell you this is one of the most spectacular in Thailand. Not only because some of the oldest jungle is around here with rivers and waterfalls it's the mass of island beaches and excellent food which will bring you pleasure every day. If you rather like entertainment it could be better at Phuket where you can chase the pretty girls.

Actually they have the Thai ladies in the nightlife scene also around Railay Beach and Ao Nang but it's not Phuket. If you are a guy and want something special to do a side trip to Danok at the Thai-Malaysian border there are buses from Krabi town almost every hour. Danok is currently 2017 the hottest place for Thai girls in the nightlife business. It's even better than Phuket or Bangkok, why? 
In this border town, they can do almost everything with women what has been shut down elsewhere since years and don't worry there are "girl friendly" hotels around in Railay Beach and Ao Nang plus elsewhere in the region. 

Another option could just take the bus train or van from anywhere in the south and use Ao Nang as a jump off to Phi Phi Islands and stay a few days and return from there to Phuket. Krabi has an international Airport which receives flights from Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Best is check with 
Air Asia, If you are a for adventure rent a scooter and roam around. Since this is a maybe dangerous idea because the locals and also the tourists drive around like "mad max" better get a very good travel insurance where they get you out in an emergency case, Thai doctors are not on a very top level.