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Visiting Samal Island

The island garden city of Samal is a rough ride
The Philippines has more than 7000 and one of them is Samal with several resorts in Davao.

The "Pearl farm" and Canibad are two of the better beach resorts this the latter is located on northeastern part and sometimes called a “Hidden Paradise” because of its location stay a day or two, it's a pretty place.

A day trip attraction of Davao the main resort destination in the area with some infrastructure although the roads are so rotten, it's awful, actually beside of one main road all are stony dirt tracks. Anyway the waterborne activities such as snorkeling and scuba diving are excellent. It’s always the same system anything related to government is even less than substandard and some private stuff is quite good but with about 50% higher prices as in Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia or Malaysia.

To reach Canibad resort either rent a boat, which is good for 3 dozen people or more, which will cost more or less 3,000 -5,000 pesos depending on the negotiation with the captain, but that won’t make the trip that memorable for you.

Most visitors prefer the bumpy and rocky dirt road over the island. Best by an SUV or dirt bike, another option is renting a motorcycle known as Habal-Habal to the locals, Philippines adventure tour.

This is good for 2-3 person and the fare is quite reasonable for 75-100 pesos per person, the trip will take more or less 1-2 hours. The Habal-Habal riders are quite experienced, they make pivot turn without a problem, considering the rocky terrain and having maybe 3 people at the back doing this roller coaster ride is a real For Canibad the driver will drop the pax at the top of a hill like location and there the walkathon starts to trek down to the resort, the most exhausting part of the trip, it’s about 10-15 minute steep walk down, and, voila, here is the “Hidden Paradise”, entrance fee is 10 pesos per head, the resort doesn't have that much facilities since they are trying to preserve the authentic paradise type of thing (think about Robinson and the movie “Cast Away”.
On the beach
Samal Island Photos
Most waterfonts are gated and fenced they ask to pay for enter the beach and just sit down on one of the tables for a table it needs another payment.
  1. The Cliff at Canibad Beach Resort
  2. Samal Island Beach opposite Davao City
  3. canibad beach resort
  4. davao harbor on the other side
  5. most access to beaches look like that
  6. Samal Island Seafront
  7. Water is quite clear
  8. most roads look like that
  9. the ferry davao city to samal
Pearl Gallery
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