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The rather small town of Siem Reap houses the infrastructure including the hotels for Angkor Wat visitors. The city is easy to visit because it is located in the northwest of Cambodia close to Thailand and a pleasant place to live because of the tourists which attracted to make the proper infrastructure. Siem Reap is an appanage to Angkor Wat. Since the temple precinct is closed at 6 pm all tourists stay there and most have a good time by any means.

Siem Reap is the gateway to Angkor Wat and since the monument and temple precinct is closed at 6 pm the question is what to do at night in this rather small city. Actually small but a thriving Khmer city in the northwest of Cambodia every tourist visiting the country will pass here.

The city still has a variety of French colonial style buildings in the center around the Old Market it seems that everyone who is on a tour to Angkor come to this nightlife quarter of Siem Reap. The place is clean and functions 

perfectly it is clearly visible that some foreign professionals are running the show not groups of amateurs as in Thailand. Close by is the small river and across more markets with plenty of consumer stuff and souvenir, jewelry and Buddha wall paintings, statues and many other things imported from China. It’s not so easy to find any native work anymore.

Although Siem Reap (which translates into “defeat to Siam” ) has a heritage stretching back the long time it was only resurrected in recent years as an appanage to Angkor because the tourists need hotels and places to stay, Angkor is closed at 6 pm.

In the evening the center which is Pub Street at the old market looks a bit like Khao San Road in Bangkok but is much better organized, less chaotic and clean, why? Most of the places belong to western foreigners. When this was built up the local Khmer people had other problems, no money to invest and actually no real interest. Looking back it was somehow a good thing because they were able to do a lot in terms of modern infrastructure locals would not do but is essential to keep the city moving compared to Thailand this is a quantum leap although not immediately visible.

Siem Reap Map

What to see in Siem Reap

Thinking about Siem Reap always has something to do with Angkor Wat and Thom.

But with some imagination, it could also be a Mediterranean village somewhere at the Cote Azure in France with much lower prices. The fact that the tourist need a place to stay with a good infrastructure such as hotels, markets, restaurant, shopping and some nightlife in the evening and that is the function of Siem Reap since the Archeological Park of Angkor is closed at around 6 pm.

Actually, there is not much to do and see in this small city just sit down somewhere at the Old Market maybe in Pub Street and relax. See a pretty place and enjoy a tropical flair plus the warm evening breezes moving in from the hills and chat about your tour adventure in Angkor today. There are some night markets to see on the other side of the channel but most goods there are imported from China means not much interested there is a smaller night market close to pub street. Want to see a Cambodian City torn between old and new that is Siem Reap.
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Siem Reap & Angkor Airport

The airport has a reason and that is to bypass the extremely lousy road coming from Bangkok and the other one to Phnom Penh.

If they would ever manage to make this two roads reasonable it would be much easier to travel from Bangkok or Phnom Penh by bus or boat quickly (the bad part is on the Cambodian side on the Thai parts its excellent...

But there is a catch, as usual in this parts of the world, people say that certain airlines, in particular, Bangkok Air is motivating people to keep the road in a very bad condition to get the tourist into their aircraft and not using the bus. Actually since Air Asia also fly these routing prices have come down substantially.

Well, that's exactly the situation continuously; the street is so bad now that about half way it only is a better dirt road. I went from Phnom Penh to Bangkok the other and it took us around 18 hours of the bus because of the road conditions (early 2017).

From Bangkok to Siem Reap it was around 8 hours a view weeks before. Anyway if you want to do it the quick way use the aircraft. Since there are a couple of airlines now on both routes the prices came down.

From Siem Reap to Phnom Penh is the only domestic routing. The airport at Siem Reap is just between the city Angkor the road passes right in front.

Cambodian Beaches in the south

When on holiday in the Land of the Khmer keep in mind this is not only about Angkor Wat and Thom. They have pristine beaches and islands on the South China Sea. Since not all the stuff you are used too is just around the corner such as swimwear and almost every other a bit more sophisticated things.

If you intend to go swimming a good idea would be a small neoprene suit for the children . The sun burns real hot at the South China Sea . It also could be a great idea to buy a floatable mobile phone protection gear etc. check it out it will protect you from trouble, you can't buy the items there.