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Sittwe Fishermen

Sittwe in Myanmar

Sittwe in Rakhine (Arakan)

Sittwe Northwest Myanmar
Sittwe Port Myanmar Rakhine State in Myanmar is at the northwestern part of the country formerly known as Arakan close to Bangladesh.

Sittwe port is the largest harbor at the west coast of the country and currently (2017) with overwhelming problems due to illegal immigration of Bangladeshi Moslem into Burma who undercut all saleries of the local population and kicked thousand of peoples out from the job.

Even in a remote place such as Phuket Island the Bangladeshi are at Karon Beach although there is makes some sense because they speak usually english with the tourists and the local wont. It is a very interesting point to explore and watch the orient as it was during colonial times since almost nothing has changed since.

Main business is fishing and trading since there is a huge "hinterland" to supply with Sittwe hotels are only a few and tourism not existent although a bit further south in Rakhine state is most popular beach reagion in Burma. Up the Kaledan river is the old city of Mrauk U a ancient Buddhist Kingdom with ancient pagodas and temple like from a fairy tale. There are no real beaches or any other tourisms related places around.

Ngapali Beach
Chin State
Mrauk U
An old Buddhist Culture
Sittwe Photos
Sittwe and Mraunk U are one of the oldest parts of Myanmar / Burma. 

Already in the 17. century a Portuguese monk father Manrique's gave an account of the coronation of King Thiri Thudhamma in 1635 and more. 

After this days the heydays of the Portuguese colonialists started and later came the Dutch and English.
  1. Kaledan river at Sittwe
  2. Buddhist temple at Mrauk U
  3. Sittwe harbor
  4. Beach south of Sittwe
Mrauk U is probably the next best old pagoda and temple destination after Bagan. ​ 

The old Buddhist monuments tell of a great state somewhere around the 14. and 16. century.
Ngapali Beach south of Sittwe in Rakhine State is the best know beach in Myanmar. It is the only bach destination with an airport and has a reasonable infrastructure and excellent hotels and resorts.
Rakhine in Myanmar