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Thaniya Plaza in Bangkok

Fun with exotic massage & karaoke

A night at Thaniya Plaza with beautiful Thai Girls 
Thaniya Plaza is a shopping and nightlife area between Silom and Surawong road; it’s a Japanese domain. In the evening it transforms into little Tokyo, serving the Japanese community by any means.

With dozens of Japanese restaurants and more than hundred bars and nightclubs after
darkness emerges.
The Business Samurai have a company account with high limits the girls are the most beautiful in the Bangkok city nightlife scene, they earn substantially more as they do at Patong or Nana Plaza etc. brisk business is on. The guys are used on high prices from at home here in this ASEAN destination prices are much lower.

Travel there by BTS Bangkok "Skytain" and exit at Sala Daeng. The station has two exits one is directly into the Silom Shopping Complex and the other into here. During daytime the mall is the top golf destination with plenty of accessories shops and several travel agents offering packages to various golf clubs all over Thailand. Some restaurants are around and galleries selling paintings with local flavor.

A Sexy Japanese Domain

Thaniya Plaza Nightlife
That is particular true for nightclubs bar and restaurants naturally also the same is with the girls.

On the other hand some of the most beautiful girls working in the night shift can be found there. The reason is, as indicated, they earn around the double as they do at other places.

Japanese guys are used to high prices in the Tokyo nightlife business so they don't care much about that since its still very cheap in comparison to Japan.

To travel there by "
Skytain" exit at Silom Sala Daeng station, at the other side of the station is the Silom Shopping Complex, there are some very interesting shops selling old exotic cameras and the great orchid book shop with probably the best selection of Asian literature in English worldwide.

Its really amazing what they have in print considering the internet age. A couple of very good galleries selling Thai painting. There are also dozens of shops on all kind of golf accessories, you can also book Golf Holidays 

Little Tokyo is emerging in the evening

Serving the Japanese community because also the Samurai need to have some fun after an exhaustive battle every day.

It gets chaotic, hundreds of girls appear along the street, they are the nightclub girls from the clubs behind them. Japanese restaurants open up and slowly tourists and business people move in to have some fun after a busy day.

Although if you are not after the women this 
is an interesting destination the view is not much different to other nightlife spots in Bangkok and there is a whole range of exotic food from East Asia which is probably not available in the city elsewhere.

A modern version of Sodom and Gomorra I wonder if it happened somehow similar long time ago. This place is right in the city center with many cheap hotels around. It is a well-known nightlife area that attracts people from all over the world, not only Japanese. There are several night and street market around selling all kind of local stuff and copy items. You can discover the latest DVDs of movies, concerts and other stuff.

The best accommodation around is the 5-Star Dusit Thani Hotel, about 5 minutes’ walk to the east and there aremany more in every price range including apartments. The better apartments are at Sathon Road which is a bit to the south, all this is conveniently accessible via the Skytrain which run along Silom and Sathon Road.