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Southeast Asia means countless interesting travel holiday vacation and nightlife destinations such as Thailand Myanmar Malaysia Cambodia Philippines Indonesia / Bali among other with all what people like to have for their most precious time of the year regardless of the age and gender. Most countries which are clustered along the equator are tuned for the tourists and have the right spots to make everyone happy. What needs you to do? Not much just do as locals do which means such simple things keep in mind that east meets west but with different traditions and rules. Hotels and resorts are plenty beaches and island too and just think positive there is no need to be negative because everything is not the way you are used from at home.

Tigano Waterfall

TiganoWaterfall at Illigan City

The Tigano Waterfalls is one of the top Mindanao Tourist Spots
The northcoast is one of most densly populated part of the Isand that means all time there are people around to relax and enjoy their time.
Plenty of Water 

Mindanao Tourist Spots
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